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Ronald Regan - Socialism v Capitalism...

  1. Must not let this disappear!
  2. Must learn to spell Reagan!
  3. :tongueout::tongueout: Damn speiling nzai!
  4. I made it 19 seconds before closing it. Also if capitalism is so great(as many here think) why is the US doing so badly???
  5. As opposed to the USSR which is thriving. :upeyes:
  6. Cuba and Israel seem to be doing fine. :wavey:
  7. Simple answer really, over regulation and over taxation and the global economy.

    When you regulate an industry to the point it can't breath without breaking a law or being fined they are going to move. They move their base of operations which means the jobs move too.

    Perfect example of this... California. 25 years ago this was a nation leading industrial hub (added:) And the 5th largest GLOBAL economy, yes that's right a STATE within a nation was in the top 5 economies, all due to capitalism. But with excessive taxation and regulation many companies pulled chocks and went elsewhere... so did the jobs they provided. Then throw in all the entitlement programs (read socialism) and the lack of immigration controls you have the mess that is now California's economy and job market.

    Next labor unions are part of the problem as well. They drive the cost of goods up when the wages are inflated beyond what the market will bear. We have the auto industry to observe for that wonderful fiasco. Now many of our auto jobs are done overseas.

    Again, if you think socialism is so great, move down to Cuba or Russia or even China.

    Capitalism built the United States from a backwater wart on the global scale to a full blown super power that soundly defeated Communism (socialism as well) without ever firing a single shot. Russia fell because socialism doesn't work. It's a great theory but in application... it has failed every single time.
  8. Israel is a Parliamentary Democracy... https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/is.html

    And Cuba isn't doing as well as you would like to believe. But if you think it's so great, why are you here?

    Oh! That's right because you want your cake and to be able to eat it too!
  9. If communism is so awesome, why don't you just leave?

    You're sucking on the teat of the greatest nation on Earth, using the rights and privileged you've received for nothing more than through the luck of being born here, and you're using the freedoms granted to American citizens to -- time and again -- insult the place.

    Seriously, if you think we've got it so bad here, why not just go somewhere else? I'm not saying "love it or leave it," I'm saying "put your money where your mouth is."
  10. Cuba is dirt poor and Israel would have sunk decades ago without US "loans". You know, the kind of "loans" that routinely get written off rather than repaid. Castro's own illegitimate daughter Alina Fernandez joined millions of other Cubans in voting with her feet to leave paradise and then wrote a book about what a dirt poor shiite hovel it is. Is there any particular thing that prevents you from voting with your feet by moving to Cuba?
  11. Heres most of the problem. The capitalists realised they can move production overseas or import a product to increase profits and its killed the US.
  12. Sorry you were dropped on your head so many times as a kid, must have hurt after a while.
  13. Actually I think its illegal for me to even visit Cuba and if I was to leave it would be to France or elsewhere in the EU.
  14. No but I did take a lot of business and economics classes... :upeyes:
  15. A huge chunk of Cuba's population have realized that crossing a 90 mile stretch of ocean gives them much greater opportunity and acted accordingly. Whereas Castro apologists like yourself, Chevy Chase and Danny Glover are effusive in your praise of Cuban communism but too hypocritical to actually want to live in paradise.
  16. Yeah, that's why so many folks born in Florida risk their lives to escape our capitalist hellhole and swim/float/paddle their way to Cuba where they can live free, happy, lives, right?
  17. As a permanent immigrant you would be beyond the reach of the running dog capitalist pigs in the US government. Besides that Oswald was never locked up for defecting to the workers paradise so it is unlikely that you would be either unless you broke some other laws.
  18. Seriously american lockpicker, what is it that keeps you from realizing your true inner proletariat by immigrating to Cuba? Are you afraid that the reality would not match your rhetoric?

  19. Some day over a beer I'd be happy to show you my pictures of the former eastern bloc...and tell you the stories of how humane and great a system it was. Complete with guard towers, machine guns and attack dogs....

    You have no idea what you are spewing.

    What we consider a Recession would be considered an economic boom in the old Soviet Union that couldn't even feed its own population for most of its communist history. Google "Soviet Grain Sales" and you will understand.

    If you think Cuba is doing well you have no concept of "well". How about N. Korea? Another starving worker's paradise?


    As someone who's actually visited and worked around the former eastern bloc when it was communist all I can say is I wouldn't wish those living standards on anyone!

    I went into the biggest department store in East Berlin in 1985 and there was a line around the block to buy shoes! They just got a shipment in...all size 8! Why were people standing in line for hours to buy some unattractive size 8 shoes? To use for barter for the other things they couldn't get....like toilet paper or coffee. If you think I'm joking--I'm not.

    Yeah...what a great system!

    What do Joseph Stalin, Mao, Paul Pot, and Hitler all have in common?

    1. They murdered tens of millions of people
    2. They were all communists/socialists.

    If you read Von Hayak you will see that the ultimate brutality of those communist/socialist states were the inevitable result of a loss of economic and other freedoms required to control the increasingly miserable masses by leaders of nations founded on the bankrupt economic philosophies of Socialism/Communism.

  20. don't let the door hit ya!
  21. Its doing better than Haiti, Jamaca, or Mexico.
  22. If that isn't damning the Cuban economy with faint praise the what is? :rofl:

    IIRC one thing those ^^^ three countries share in common with Cuba is a population that wants to leave their respective paradises, frequently in life risking manners.
  23. awesome!! just awesome!! Thanks for the share!

    ~ "If communism is so awesome, why don't you just leave?" ~

    Liberalism / Socialism is a Cancer.
  24. Whoooie! You should read the comments under that video!
  25. What do those three countries have in common? CORRUPTION!

    Their inability to do well has NOTHING to do with capitalism.

    You want to see REAL corruption you should go to a communist state and see how things REALLY get done...
  26. The hypocrisy of Strawberry Reich socialists is hard to grasp. While Jack Nicholson, Danny Glover, Oliver Stone, american lockpicker et al seem to love kissing Fidel's posterior it is damn near impossible to find any of them that can stand being in Cuba for more than a brief visit. Our own american lockpicker seems to lack the courage to even go that far. :upeyes:

    Edit: I don't find the fact that Strawberry Reich socialists are hypocrites hard to grasp. It is their aggressive stupidity that confounds me.
  27. I'll tell you want you(or any other forum member) finance a trip for me to go to Cuba(a month sounds good) and I'll go.
  28. Here is a link for you to use to visit paradise legally american lockpicker. http://legalcubatravel.com/ Pay for your own trip. If you really believe that it is worth it you will find a way. The military paid for me to be in Spain and Greece. I paid my own way to Morocco, New Zealand and the UK.
  29. I don't qualify for any of that.

    Unless I could get a license(any ideas of how?)
  30. I strongly suspect that the people running that site will pencil whip the paper work that you need. Otherwise you can go to Mexico and get a flight from there, the Cubans will not stamp your passport - they need the money.
  31. I have no problem donating to the cause. We will need to draw up a contract detailing what the penalty will be if you return though.

    I will start the pledging at $100 Small price to pay for raising the average IQ in the US.
  32. What do you mean?
  33. :rofl:
    Yeah, "Cuber" is doing great. 500,000 state employees just got fired and are now left to find employment in the non-existent private economy.:upeyes:

    Another 6 years of Obama and the Democrats and we could be just like Cuba.

    Liberal idiots are hilarious. Keep drinking that Michael Moore kool aid.:rofl:
  34. Since Cuba is a paradise, and I am footing the bill to get you there, you have to STAY. If you return, there must be a penalty.
  35. :rofl:If you don't want me to return send me to Switzerland. ;)
  36. I'm not sure if you missed it, Lockpicker, or if you're deliberately ignoring it...

    But if Cuba is doing so great and America is doing so badly, why aren't Floridians fleeing America by raft, inner tube, and rowboat, to go live in Cuba? Why is it the other way around? Why is there a Little Havanna in Florida, but not a Little Miami in Cuba, where all the American immigrants have set up shop to go live in Cuba? The 2000 census lists 1.2 million "Cuban-Americans" living in the US, do you think there are 1.2 million "American-Cubans" living in Fidel's island paradise?
  37. Oops! We've got a ringer here folks. I just realized he's not from these parts.

    Where are you originally from [Pseudo] american lockpicker? Canada? UK? Maybe you're just Euro-trash.

    Steeped in socialism and brainwashed like all the other idiots who wouldn't know a real free market system if it was sitting on his face.:rofl:

    Just another loser who can't make it on his own. He needs a big daddy government to tell him what to do and when to do it.

    What happened? Get tossed out of your own country or did you just make a wrong turn on your way to Cuba?
  38. Not to derail this thread from the interesting tangent it's taken, but I think this is a much better example of how much better the capitalist system is. Milton Friedman was probably one of the greatest economic minds that ever existed.
  39. Hey american lockpicker, do you approve of Idi Amin Dada, Papa Doc Duvalier and Theoneste Bagosora? Or do you only approve of mass murderers who operate as declared communists?
  40. You realised wrong although I'm sure West Virginia can be mistaken for some where in the EU since theres places like Lubeck and Vienna near where I live. :supergrin:

    Also interestingly enough your not the first person to make this mistake in less than a week...

    Also I wasn't brainwashed my support of socialism and communism is based on my personal beliefs.

    @ G26S239 No also I don't approve of Pol Pot. I do like Stalin as he freed the world from Nazism.
  41. Stalin was as big a monster as Hitler. :upeyes:
  42. So which communist mass murderers do you approve of and why did Pol Pot not make your approved list? I infer from your having used Che Guevara, Fidel Castro and Joe Stalin as avatars that you approve of them. What makes the mass murders perpetrated by those three qualitatively better or acceptable versus Pol Pots use of the same method to control the survivors?
  43. If they are on my avatar I approve of them and I don't condone mass murder. Also you have to consider Pol Pot killed people that were educated, wore glasses, ate eggs, lived in cities, and many more stupid reasons while the others just got rid of people that opposed them.
  44. You can try and polish that turd however you want. You are still approving of mass murdering scum.
  45. And why did they do that? Over regulation (Mostly Democrats pushing that agenda) over taxation (Whoops! Democrats again!) and Unions... When they could no longer compete locally because of these things and a few others, they did the next logical thing. Moved to where the climate was better for production and profit.
  46. Yeah... they are not doing so well either. About the only nation that seems to be really hanging in there is Switzerland and unless you have lots of $$$ and a damn good reason, you are not living there either.
  47. Haiti is a Republic, not a Constitutional one but a Republic...

    Jamaica is a constitutional parliamentary democracy and a Commonwealth realm

    Mexico is a Federal Republic...

    Now, something to look at, while they are various forms of a Republic they all have several things in common. Go read up on them and tell us what they are. A hint, corruption.
  48. Sorry but we are all capitalists, Libertarians and Republicans... we made our way you make your own. The opportunities are out there, you have to apply yourself... wait, there's the crux of the issue... you don't want to work or do anything! You expect it to be done for you! Sorry, that's not how the United States was built. You want it... you work your ass off for it like everyone else. The only hand out you will see from me is a swift kick in the ass and a smack upside the head.

    I worked myself out of poverty into a middle class standing. Was it easy? Nope. Hard as hell, but damn well worth it. And you or anybody else doesn't have a right to my fruits of my labors. It's that simple.