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Romney Will Not Sign An Assault Weapons Ban

Discussion in 'Political Issues' started by G29Reload, Oct 8, 2012.

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    May 8, 2011
    Romney's atrocious record requires tediousness. Considering how many times he's flip-flopped on practically every issue imaginable, why are you willing to give him wiggle room now? I want concrete statements on what he would do as President, not statements of "support". Say an AWB is passed by Congress and comes to Romney's desk. Romney could sign it, while saying he doesn't support it, and claim it was because "that's what the people wanted" or claiming he doesn't want his veto overturned or some other cop out. This is why you must be tedious with these politicians.
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    Jan 1, 2000
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    Obama is the only candidate campaigning on re-instating the AWB and making more gun control. Only Obama supporters are claiming Romney is the threat to our RKBA.

    If you actually examine his record it is clear Romney signed no anti-2A bills while he was Gov.. He only reduced gun control or signed pro-2A bills into law. He removed gun control language from bills sent to him by the 85% anti-2A democrat congress. When it come to the RKBA Romney has already been tested and is the opposite of atrocious.

    Romney‘s actual entire record:

    Romney is not the same as Obama. In 2008 Romney was rated "B" by the NRA and Obama was rated "F". Since then, Romney has only become more pro-2A and Obama more anti-2A. Romney would be a much better President for gun-owners than Obama.

    Romney would be a much better President than Gary Johnson too. As Gov of NM for 8 years, Johnson achieved absolutely no pro-2A progress. Gun owners had to wait till Johnson left office to even get CCW. He publicly presented himself then as a non gun owner and had no desire to own one. Now that he’s running for President, he wants to own a gun. How is he good for gun owners?

    Gary Johnson was a Republican for his entire political career from 1994 to late 2011, when he abandoned his Republican primary candidacy. He's only been an official Libertarian this year.

    Libertarians are just hypocrites when they come to gun forums to call gun owners sheep for voting Republican when they are voting Johnson for the sake of "their" party. Johnson has no chance of even winning one state! How is that good for gun owners?

    If Libertarians were honest about helping the RKBA they would be helping Romney beat Obama rather than calling for splitting the vote and trying to ensure Obama gets a 2nd term.

    How is another 4 years of Obama good for gun owners?

    Most Libertarians realize that and are voting for Romney.
    From Cato: Polls Show Romney Winning the Libertarian Vote

    The benefits of President Romney pro-2A platform and record are much more preferable to gun owners, and our kids, than the "let's let Obama send the USA to hell to teach Republicans a lesson" platform of the GT Libertarian strategists.
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    Feb 9, 2008
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    I don't trust either of them to be quite honest.
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    Jan 24, 2011
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    May 1, 2008
    An AWB is not politically popular at this time. It did cost Clinton dearly and most democrats are not eager to tackle this in the near future.

    This is issue is one of the criticisms that I've levied against Romney. His statements made when signing the AWB as governor were simply wrong and alarming.

    With that said, he's a smart enough guy to know that he will lose critical support if he takes that to a national level. Therefore I don't believe that he will lead an effort to reinstate an AWB.

    Now contrast that with Obama. Obama has continued to make backdoor efforts to put the squeeze on the right to bear arms. His EPA goon squad is constantly on the attack. We've all seen the UN treaty discussions, which I doubt would be supported by our lawmakers. However he has demonstrated a desire to go after gun owners.

    Of the two leading candidates, I think Romney would be the better choice on this issue. Of course, I cannot think of a single issue where Obama would be a better choice though :supergrin:
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    Sep 11, 2009
    I heard Mitt Romney say he will NOT sign an Assault Weapons Bill if he is President. It was at a town hall meeting.