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Roll Call

  1. Any Indiana Glockers out there? If so, what part?! I'm from Indianapolis myself. Also, what Glocks do you currently own? I've got a 19 and a 37.

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  2. There are a few of us here. I also live in Indy. Got two Glocks a G29, great shooter. Also have a G22 that I shoot .40 .357sig and 9mm.
  3. I'm here. In Beech Grove.. Several Glocks, several calibers.

    This forum used to be one of the more active state forums.. but I think most got INGunowners for local stuff now.

  4. Fort Wayne. Waiting for my local store (ZX Guns, NOT Freedom Firearms....) to get my new G23 in. My BIL is an Indy cop, so I'm hoping to get down there and hit the range with him. Maybe I'll see some of you there.
  5. I'm here as well, way down in Jefferson County. :whistling:
  6. Glock 26 and in Lafayette. Jim
  7. Down here in the Southern part of the state, Knox co. G36 and 19 owner, and already infecting the next generation with the Glock bug...

  8. Jeffersonville, Glock 22 duty gun 19 & 26 off duty.
  9. Terre Haute.
  10. NW In: Porter Co. by the Kankakee River. Currently own a G19, and a G21. Have previously owned G22, G27, G17. Had 2nd Gens, now own 3rd Gen series. All work well.
  11. NE Indiana here. :rock: A few Glocks in the stable.
  12. Indianapolis here. Waiting for winter to get down to Beech Grove and check out the new (at least to me) indoor range.
  13. In Fort Worth Texas now but I was living near bass lake in starke county.
  14. south side Indy here...

    But I don't really count because I don't own any Glocks. :D
  15. Sorry for being so late :) GTer since 2002 or so, GSSF lifetime, Armorer, etc. I'm in Jeffersonville & still work across the river in KY (where I lived when we started the bluegrass Glockers group)
  16. Clinton County here. Wife has A Glock and I plan on my first Glock soon.
  17. Terre Haute
  18. My mom's mom was from Gary. After the war (she served as an Army nurse) she married a Jersey boy and moved East. She raised 8 kids in New Jersey. As her alzheimer's advanced, she would openly complain that she never should have left Indiana.
  19. I'm from Elkhart, northcentral part of state.

    I have a Glock17 gen.3 that's been problem free from day1.

  20. South central Indiana. I have several Glocks, 9's and 40's.
  21. Jackson County member here.

    My wife and I each have a Glock 19.
  22. Everyone here has a Glock.. Greenwood here

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  23. South Bend

    Glock 21 & 30
  24. South bend
    Glock 19 gen3

    30s/21. Wife= 43/17
  26. Terrible Haute, Indiana. :wavey:
  27. Zionsville
  28. Glock 20 and 26 here in Paoli. Glock 21 and 29 on the way.
  29. Awfully pretty over there, my in-laws live just north of the peaks.
  30. What are their names?
  31. Cadillacguns

    Central Indiana
  32. Clarksville Indiana two miles from Louisville KY
    Glock 26 Gen 4 with a Glock 24 Gen 3 on the way SOON!
  33. Wow! Revived thread and have to admit, no changes in my 2 Glocks owned. G19 and G21, both 3rd Gen.(since 2013!) G19 is my CCW, G21 is nightstand ready.
  34. Near Bloomington here with a G45 and a G43X.
  35. G48 & G43X on order. Elwood

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