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role up jpole antenna

  1. Hi guys,

    Do any of you have experience with this type of J-pole?

    Seems like a great idea for camping. Put it in a piece of PVC and haul it up a tree. Maybe even at home.

    I wonder what I would lose if I dialed up to GMRS 462-467 with it? The seller said he'll make one for those freq's too, but I wonder if it would work as is.



  2. you don't need to put it in the PVC, I've built a few of them, and they work pretty good.

    Remember if you put the radiating element inside PVC, it changes the tuning properties (and therefore measurements) of the elements. They also have to be tuned for whatever band you want them on. They tend to be pretty wide banded, but not 20mhz difference.

    The 440 one is going to be too electrically long, so you will have to clip it, but a UHF SWR meter is very expensive for one antenna.

    I perfer to just roll them up and throw it in my bag. I use a slingshot and nylon cord to put the antenna up as high as possible.

    Also do not throw antenna in pine tree, pines soak up vhf.
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  4. I like to use a fishing rod and a lead weight. Cast it over a tall limb of a tree and pull up the antenna and cable.
  5. I've made several over the years and given most of them away to my friends. I use one right now here at the office. It works quite well on 2 meters and 70 cm.

    Forget the pvc. I just stick a thumb tack in the end and hang it from a wall near a window. Works great!
  6. What rig do you use in the office
  7. Right now I'm running the ICOM IC208H.

    I have a Kenwood 742 that I use, with a separate antenna for 220 MHz, but I took it home and run it through a discone on the roof of the townhouse.