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    From his official web site.

    Rohrer Stands Up for Berks County Gun Owners During Second Annual, Second Amendment Rights Rally
    House Republican Game and Fisheries Committee Chairman, Sam Rohrer (R-Berks) joined with a united coalition consisting of fellow pro-gun ownership lawmakers, leading state and national Second Amendment advocates and hundreds of Pennsylvania gun owners and outdoor sports enthusiasts in the Capitol rotunda on Tuesday to unveil a landmark package of Second Amendment rights protection legislation.

    “Gun owners in Berks County and across this Commonwealth are justifiably outraged any time they are mandated by government to endure a loss of Constitutional freedom and personal security,” said Rohrer. “When government is not properly enforcing the laws that already exist to curtail violent crime, it is nothing short of tyranny in the first degree to place additional restrictions on law-abiding citizens whose only desire is to defend their lives, their loved ones and their property.”

    With the additional constituent backup of no less than 12,000 online and written petitions that his district office continues to receive against several extreme House Democrat-sponsored gun control measures, Rohrer has added his continued support to the following pro-Second Amendment legislation:

    House Bill 641: Commonly referred to as the Castle Doctrine, this legislation would strengthen existing laws dealing with the use of lethal force for the purposes of self defense. Successfully advanced for future House consideration during last year’s Committee of the Whole on Violent Crime, House Bill 641 is based on similar legislation enacted in Florida that would eliminate the duty to retreat before using lethal force outside of one’s home, business, vehicle or state park. The measure would also offer specific protection against civil liability for the lawful use of force in self-defense.

    House Bill 1029: This legislation would allow individuals with a valid Pennsylvania license to carry a firearm to purchase additional guns without the cumbersome, expensive and redundant requirements of subsequent background checks through the Pennsylvania Instant Check System (PICS).

    House Bill 1160: Also successfully advanced for future House consideration during last year’s Committee of the Whole on Violent Crime, under this legislation any individual who can demonstrate evidence of imminent danger to themselves or a member of their family would be entitled to a temporary emergency license to carry a firearm after passing a computerized background check of criminal history, juvenile delinquency and mental health records. The temporary license would be good for 90 days to allow sufficient time to apply for a regular license to carry a firearm and undergo the potential 45-day waiting period for a license to carry under current state law.

    House Bill 1161: This legislation calls for Pennsylvania law enforcement agencies, specifically the state police, to discontinue its database of legal handgun purchases. Those records include personal information about gun owners, such as mailing addresses and Social Security numbers. House Bill 1161 sets a third-degree felony penalty and a fine up to $5 million for maintaining an illegal gun registry or database.

    “Based on the Second Amendment which clearly states that our right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed, it is safe to say that Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and the rest of our nation’s founding fathers would not support any type of gun control measure either in principle, nor legislative statue,” said Rohrer. “Neither should any branch or agency of Pennsylvania state government.”

    For the latest Second Amendment legislative updates or to sign the “No New Gun Controls” petition visit

    Rep. Samuel Rohrer
    128th District
    Pennsylvania House of Representatives
    (610) 775-5130
    (717) 787-8550
    Contact: Ty McCauslin
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