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Rode the BMW HP2

Discussion in 'Moto Club' started by fnfalman, Nov 7, 2005.

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    Oct 23, 2000
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    I got to ride the HP2 yesterday for a bit, strictly on the streets and not in the dirt. THIS THING IS TALL!!! I can't see a person who is less than 5'10 is going to be comfortable on it. Yes, the suspension does sag but it doesn't sag that much. I pumped the rear air shock up to my requisite weight (220-lbs) and sat on it and I can barely ballerina tiptoe on one foot. So, the next best thing is to push the bike over next to a curb.;f

    This bike is light by street standard but heavy by dirt standard. It weighs in wet at around 420-lbs. Boocoo powwah!!! You can pull a wheelie on this thing with nary missing a heartbeat. Under moderate acceleration, the rear shock squatted down significantly. And the damn thing is fast too. My Tuono at rear wheel's 115-HP and similar weight doesn't pull so easily away from this thing. BMW claimed either 105-hp or 110-hp for the HP2 depending on what sources you read.;Q But that's at the crank, so counting in the shaft drive, you figure the bike is at 90 to 95-hp at the rear wheel. Nonetheless, it's a fast mutha.

    Stopping requires some pre-planning because it only has a single rotor up front ala dirtbike design. Also, the shocks and rear spring do dive quite a bit under braking and acceleration. In short, it's a dirtbike.

    Cornering with any speed at all requires for the leg to be extended ala motorcross or supermoto style. Very weird sensation for me. The knobby tires are definitely buzzy on the street. Hmmm I wonder how this thing would ride with street tires and a stiffer shock? Berrrrry interesting...

    Supposedly it kicks *** in the dirt despite the heavy weight. I'll take their words for it for I'm no dirt rider.

    Of course, at the bike night, people were scratching their heads, "That's a BMW?"