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Robar NP3

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I want to pick up a 43 but really don't want the gen4 finish. Don't know if it's too early to tell if the gen5 finish is any good and who knows when Glock will put it on the 43. Im considering Robars NP3 finish. I will carry the gun every day and I'm wondering if anyone has put it to the test. Does it wear? Does it flake, peel,scratch or is there anything bad about it? Has anyone dealt with their customer service?
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Some people have more corrosive sweat than others. Personally I haven't had any problems with my G43. I don't have any handguns with the NP3 finish but I do have an NP3 BCG on one of my ARs. No problems with wear so far but this AR is low round count. (Just a few hundred rounds at this point.)
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