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Road trip carry

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I have a Desantis undercover shoulder rig I use for long trips. As a right handed person it feels natural in the car. If I am walking I prefer an IWB (alien gear is what I have for the G22).

If you are on a long car trip how are you carrying your large frame Glock?
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No matter how you choose to carry, consistent presentation is really important to be able to develop muscle memory. If you change holsters and carry position you are not getting the best out of your carry method. Same with changing to weapons with different controls and control locations. If you carry a G22 in an OWB holster on your hip it would make sense to carry a G27 which will interfere less with the seat in a similar holster. You're not changing any of the controls and still have the same ammo. I use a Kydex holster that allows the full size G22 slide to protrude. When I switch to the G27 there is no protrusion. I also use, in the car, full size G22 mags. So the only real difference is barrel length which not be an issue at close range encounters.
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