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Never did understand why you change how you carry . If you carry IWB when "walking " why not wear that same rig when driving . If its uncomfortable YOU NEED A NEW HOSTER .

I have 30 years of concealed carry with far to many 'road trips " between 8 and 14 hrs and wear the same way in the same position I do when working , walking or anything else . Handgun over the years have run from a firestar m40 to a small lite carry like a kahr TP40 to my p320c or lw commander 1911 in the same ole hybrid iwb with only a kydex body change for the last 14 of those years .
I've heard the argument that strong side IWB is difficult to draw when seated in a vehicle.

But my counter to that is you can either drive or you can shoot. My truck weighs 7,400 lbs, as long as it can still move I'm driving, either away from the threat or over it. If the truck can't move sitting in it is a death trap and I'm getting out of it and shooting the threat. I can draw as I exit the truck.

On a long road trip the chance I will have to draw while driving down the interstate is infinitesimally small. The most likely scenario for needing a gun for self defense is at a fuel, rest or food stop. And in those situations having the gun in its normal position is the best thing.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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