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Riot control ammunition choices?

  1. Say you had a large mob of rioters threatening your home and your family. What would be you ammo choice, FMJ with its ability to penetrate multiple terrorists or expanding ammo for better knockdown power?
  2. 1 st 40MM Willie Pete!:waving:

    Next, 5.56 M193 ball. Plenty of stopping power, limited penetration. Nasty, nasty wounds.
  3. Depends, what are they treating us to? :couch:
  4. Fixed it, threatening.
  5. 7.62X39; 125gr SP
  6. Beehive out of an M79
  7. Whatever is closest to me. I'm equipped and stocked to take down lots of rioters. If they overtake my house, it will be after I inflict lots of pain!
  8. 7.62 4bit
  9. 50 bmg head shots should discourage most looters
  10. 3” #4 buck with 42 pellets skipped off the street, followed by lots of 00 buck.
    There’s a reason the old timers called them riot guns.
  11. Mag dumps of 7.62x39 followed by mag dumps of .40.
  12. This of course is assuming they get thru the triple concertina wire and anti-personnel ordnance...

    5.56mm FMJ X193. Cheap and abundant. Piled high and deep.

    My first line of defense is my belt fed M2A .50 in the garage. Not much left after a hit. It will take off an arm or leg in one shot. Clean. At which point, the rioter will pass out in shock... or pick up their limb and run. Every home should have one.

  13. 5.56 , along with 00 buck , maybe some tannerite claymores :devildance:
  14. Grapeshot
  15. The M2 was my favorite weapon to fire in the army. I was a 16R on a Vulcan, that 20mm would probably end a riot with ome 100 round burst of HE.
  16. I'm parchal to the AC-130.