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Rino Dewino's got it

  1. Governor Dewine tested positive today. They tested him for the Trump visit at Whirlpool today.

    I guess nobody's immune.
  2. You may not realize it but there's a good chance you've already been exposed to this virus at least once but never knew it.
  3. He might just not want to be around Trump........
  4. I hope not. I'm retired and avoid any crowds, go to the store as little as possible and just generally avoid people. I don't even go around my neighbor 'cause he's going to county fairs, auctions and yesterday went to a funeral with 150 people there. He just doesn't care.
  5. Well HE should have worn his mask, as HE mandated.

    Goggles to.

    Maybe he should shutdown
  6. I hope he's primaried!
  7. Yep...I believe we both have been exposed
  8. You will have to wait until 2022.

  9. Someone needs to make sure he doesn't get any of that terrible killing drug HCQ
  10. I have a hard time distinguishing him from your average Democrat. I might actually take a close look at his next Democratic challenger.
  11. Kasich? LOL
  12. So he tested positive, then negative. Some reliable test we've got there.

  13. I was waiting for that.
  14. They might as well just flip a coin. Maybe they do.
  15. They probably still counted him as positive in the official numbers.
  16. Trump probably didn't want to look at his RINO face and had the Tech put his "thumb on the scale" to give a positive result.

    Yeah it is going to be a long wait until 2022.
  17. He got it by drinking a beer after 10:00pm.
  18. As an Ohioan, I have to assume that Dewines worst nightmare is for him to be an asymptomatic carrier. After all of the horror stories in his weekly press conferences, mandates, restrictions, and warnings, it would really hurt his cause for this virus to barely effect him. He's in the high risk catagory as a man in his 70's with respiratory issues. I called it yesterday to some family that the story would be a false positive

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  19. I have to assume that everything DeWine does and says is complete B.S.
    As I said in this very post yesterday:
    Don't think for a second that he's above using CV as a political tool to do whatever he wants.