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    Okie was up first thing at the crack of noon, taking care of his morning constitutional, and getting rid of last nights malted ale. While getting rid of the ale, to his horror, he noticed a mottled green ring about an inch and a half from the end of his appendage. He made an emergency appointment with his doctor and went straight in.

    While he was waiting he struck up a converstion with a guy who was already there, who had a red ring about the same place. The guy went in first and left a couple of minutes later with a big smile on his face.

    When Okie's turn came the doctor took one look, yelled for the nurse to set up the operating room, cause he was going to have to amputate. "Wait just a damned minute, Doc," says Okie, "the other guy had a similar condition and left here smiling."

    The doc said, "Let me splain something to you, Okie, there's a world of difference between lipstick and gangrene."