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  1. I had thought for a long time that something from Halliburton would be about the best it gets as far as hard luggage goes, but apparently that may not be the case. I knew nothing about them however an article about a plane that was inspired by the luggage because the luggage was inspired by the plane caught my attention.



  2. I fly all the time for work (Weekly). Not a fan of Rimowa except for carry-on. They cases are very thin lightweight aluminum that are very easily damaged.

    Tip: Don't buy Rimowa locally, there is a store called Koffer Direkt or some such on the internet that will ship it to you from Germany at much better prices... better still, just buy it in Germany if you are passing through. You can get the VAT refunded on the way out. Search the travel Products forum over on FlyerTalk for more info.
  3. I fly for a living, I've used Kirkland 22" roller for 22 years. You can't beat the price or convenience.
  4. I am uncertain that I am in the market for the luggage but I find it interesting the plane inspired the luggage which in turn inspired a recreation of the plane.
  5. I passed on Rimowa... as mentioned, too thin.

    Been using Redoxx Air Boss and Tom Bihn Tristar ballistic carry ons.

    While rollers are good for many, a lot of travelers prefer 'one bag' traveling.
  6. I kinda played around with some of their bags while is was shopping in Heidelberg last year. I wasn't overly impressed. To me, they feel flimsy. I realize that it is supposedly state-of-the-art materials, but it just injection molded plastic. I don't like proprietary stuff that has to be taken in to get repaired. Plus those castor wheels dangling down get broken off a lot on checked bags. I also like to have real bearings in my wheels due to the distances I roll my bag. Castor wheels are made of plastic and just not robust enough for serious travel. IMO Plus, you can't park your bag on an incline anywhere without it rolling away.

    I usually have to replace my Costco bag about every 2-3 years because of wheels. They use standard rollerblade wheels but sadly, they are riveted on, so they can't be replaced. Costco will replace the bag for free, so technically, for the initial cost of $104, I get a brand new bag every couple of years. But, since I use my bag for work and abuse the crap out of it, I usually buy a new one. I've only done the warranty swap a couple of times when I felt the bag failed prematurely (like a handle break or zipper failure). The Costco 22" is a great value and a damn nice bag.

    I really like Tumi bags, but they are way overpriced. I can't see paying $700+ for a bag that will be covered in airport filth within a year. Plus, their warranty is 5 years, after that, their wheels are proprietary and cost about $70/pair to replace. No thanks!

    As far as the 'one bag' traveling is concerned. Just be careful not to overpack your bag. The heavier your bag is the more abuse it will take on the ramp. Rampers are human too and they have a hard time being gentle with heavy and bulky bags.

    Buy well built luggage that uses rollerblade wheels, ballistic nylon and heavy duty zippers. I wouldn't pay a ridiculous amount for designer luggage. It WILL get punished if you use it frequently. Having worked in Baggage service for a short time, people do freak out when their $1200 leather Louis Vuitton gets a scratch on it. Sorry, but that is normal wear and tear. We ain't gettin' you a new bag for cosmetic damage.

    Other than Costco, these are probably the best built bags and what a lot of flight crews use.

    Travelpro is junk. We are coerced into buying that stuff during initial training at a discount. That's why a lot of crews use them.