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Rifle Match 7/26/08 with a pistol stage.....

Discussion in 'Pennsylvania Glockers Club' started by LastDefender, Jul 21, 2008.

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    May 24, 2000
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    Just a note reminding everyone we're having a match on the 26th at 1000hrs. If you're shooting with us for the first time, come at 0930hrs for a safety briefing and general intro that will have you working alongside the regular shooters comfortably.

    We have a great course of fire for both disciplines planned, including Trans., weak side, and both rollover and magazine prone stages. Seven stages in all for both precision and practical.

    There is a multigun stage (PRACTICAL SHOOTERS ONLY) which requires ten rounds of pistol.

    PRECISION shooters - 50 rounds of precision rifle ammo.

    PRACTICAL shooters - 120 rounds rifle (no M855 or other SS109 bullets permitted on the steel) and 10 rounds pistol (STRONG SIDE HOLSTER REQUIRED).

    As always, please refer questions to: or check out this following link:

    for a list of required equipment. I would add that you should bring extra water this time ;)

    Match fees are still only $10 members, $15 public with an LE discount available. It's a great way to get some solid practice time in with your patrol rifle or your bolt gun. Select-fire LE duty rifles are authorized but may be used only on semi-auto.

    Other registered NFA items are welcome from all shooters, and may be used in the competition. Remember to travel with your paperwork.


    We love all thing Glock at LRGC!