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    Due to hard money times and 5 or six years of specialized hunting on a large lease with open fields and tower stands I found myself with only large, heavy rifles to hunt with. Recently my 12 year old son has claimed his 6.5-284 Model Seven and I found myself in need of a light weight deer rifle. I did not have the money to build a custom Remington or purchase a high end custom so I built a Savage for myself.

    I finally picked up a used LH Savage 110 in .270. The barrel and action seem perfect and I doubt it has been fired that much. The bore is bright with deep rifling and the bolt handle shows almost no wear. My impression is it was a closet queen or belonged to someone that shot it mostly when hunting once or twice a year.

    When I got it it was configured as a detachable mag rifle. Needless to say that limited my upgrade options so today I ordered an internal box magazine, spring, follower, and metal trigger guard from savageparts.com. I also ordered a Stockade LH Hunter stock from Lock, Stock, and Barrel. I ordered the money saver model as I like to paint my own synthetics. When the stock comes in I plan on doing a light light glass bedding job to insure the recoil lug is in good rear contact

    I have a old Leupold 3.5 x 10 Vari X III 50mm and a set of Warne high rings sitting on the shelf waiting for the final assembly. I plan on giving the factory .270 barrel a chance to shoot in a stress free rigid stock to see if it is up to snuff for deer hunting. Factory barrels have suprised me that way before. If it doesn't shoot to my satisfaction it should be no trouble to screw on a premium barrel. (Don't you love Savage modular design) I have my eye on a 6.5-284 or 6.5x55 barrel as I have dies, brass, bullets and powder for both.

    Ahhhh so many choices and so little time (and money LOL)

    The internal mag parts and my metal trigger guard came in today. Kinda weird...the internal box mag looks used and the paint is peeling off of the aluminium trigger guard. It looks as if a piece of tape or maybe some grease was on the trigger guard when they painted it. No big deal since I will be painting the trigger guard anyway but it seems a little strange. Pretty pricey for these little parts as well.
    I know I have a much longer wait for my stock but I can't help being a little antsy to see it all together. I have been occuping time looking at camo patterns to paint the stock.

    My Stockade LH long action Money Saver Hunter stock came in today. The construction of this stock impressed me. It has aluminium pillars around the action screws and metal inserts for the sling swivels and rear trigger guard screw. The fit on my rifle was perfect. The barrel is completely free floated and the action rests on the pillars just as it should. Some tinkering with carbon paper and graphite shows the recoil lug in positive contact with the machined area in the stock. I may shoot it before I do the bedding job as it seems to be too good a fit not to shoot.
    I stopped by the auto supply and picked up a Bondo kit sand paper, and some Krylon camo paint. The mold line went all the way around the stock and needed filler for mutiple small holes and defects. Bondo job was straight forward and after several grades of sandpaper it looked like a finished stock.
    I shot it with fiberglass primer and applied several light coats of drab green and sand Krylon cammo. I worked with sharp lines using tape but I have always been too inpatient for such a process. I ended up with over coats of rust primer, drab green and sand paint using plastic fern branches as stencils.
    In the AM I will shoot it with several coats of flat acrylic.



    (hurried snap shots with my son's Kodak. Flash puts shine were there is none. Better pics to follow in natural light.)

    Overall I am impressed with the Stockade Hunter stock. The money saver is the ticket if you have more time than money or just like to tinker.

    Well experiments with hiding the stock lead me to modify the cammo paint job. I also shot it with Testors Dullcoat to take off the shine. Nice hard finsih with zero shine.

    I just got the scope mounted;



    Next it is off to the range.

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    If the stock tube doesn't work out I'd suggest replacing the recoil lug as well. The Sharp Shooter Supply lug is as good as any and they've provided top notch service for me in the past.