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revolver guys! what a pity...

  1. What a pity they didn't go ahead and make this. .357 mag/.38 special in a top-break revolver with auto ejection (can be turned off), as with most top-breaks, and a polymer grip.


    Then again, how much .357 magnum hammering can a top-break take and still have a well-seated catch?
  2. Durability aside, I'm wondering what real advantage a top-break
    .357 wheelgun has to offer, over swing-out cylinder designs.

    Is that thing's 'automatic casing ejection' so big a deal?
    Nagtatanong lang po..

  3. Only experience I've had with a break-top was a friend's .22 a long time ago. But I liked it. The cases get automatically tossed out when the top opens, so yes, it was faster to load, and no need to turn the gun. At the time, I was just loading chamber-by-chamber, but a loading with a speedloader should be faster than on a swing-sideways cylinder too. (Regular swing-out revolver = must manually push the ejector rod with thumb or some other finger while holding on to the gun, and for many non-Miculek people there is some moving around of the gun from horizontal to vertical and back. )

    And also, a break-top is just cool (well, that's a matter of de gustibus non est disputandum.) Seen any of those "Zulu Dawn"-type movies showing the top-break Webleys?
  4. I remember my Dad's .38 Webley break top.

    Nice gun but no tactical reloads for this gun though.

    Once you break the top, it throws out everything in it's cylinder. And I mean everything. Shells and unfired cartridges included as well.
  5. Someone offered me a Webley .38 top break revolver in very good condition about 5 or 6 years ago. I just didn't buy it because I found out it was at that time recently been used to commit a crime
  6. "Nice gun but no tactical reloads for this gun though."

    That's true but only important if it is realistically envisioned that a tactical reload will ever be necessary.

    I don't carry, and I live in an upper floor of a condominium so even home/condo defense is farfetched.

    It would be cool for range firing, indoor and out; and it's just an interesting thing.

    However, in .357 mag. it would still get hammered a lot so even with modern metallurgy for the catch, if I had one I'd stick to mostly .38s. "Zulu Dawn", man. "I say, Leftenant, aren't those tribesmen a bit too chipper this morning?. Mind the spear."
  7. For home defense, it is highly improbable that a shoot-out will ensue once you catch "climbers", like what happened to me in mid-80's...saw a "climber" trying to get in my ground floor bathroom from the dirty kitchen which was yet unbarred...called John B. to my side but opted to throw a chair at the door of my dirty kitchen instead..."parang palakang saging ang talon palabas" (English trans. Like a toad on steroids and speed jumping out of the box)...Maybe that's why 6 is more than enough for home defense...Any sound especially coming from the throat of S&W or John B will be so loud that it's "running time" for the "climbers"

    Yes, full power .357 loads will loosen everything in a revolver, more so if you use it heavily at the range but you can always substitute .38spl for practice/plinking