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Revolver gurus, HELP!

  1. A grip pin?
  2. Don’t know off hand, may have to closely watch some assembly videos. I’ve BTDT, good luck.

    I once got my Smith revolver back in a plastic bag, parts. I watched the videos several times, then slowly reassembled.
  3. looks like the pin that holds frame mounted firing pin in
  4. Yes
  5. also right size for trigger stop pin
  6. no grip pin is visible
  7. Thank you! I found a video and I think it was the alignment pin in the trigger reset housing that the spring rides over.


    For this type of pin, is it necessary? I’m not sure it’ll even fit over the APEX spring I put in. If it’s not necessary (or won’t even fit), then I won’t take down the gun again.
  8. is it the pin the cylinder lock/stop rides on ?
  9. wow surprised you got it together without the pin that is in fact the trigger overtravel stop and may need adjusted if you replaced a part
  10. 3F61814F-6D73-4E4F-8BFB-8FC946B0EF0D.jpeg

    Okay. I put it back in.

    This particular trigger has an overtravel screw on the trigger itself, so not sure if the pin has significant function in that capacity.
  11. Always take pictures of before so you can deal with after.

    Saved my butt a couple of times...
  12. If I took it apart I can put it back together
  13. I was thinking the same
  14. Yeah, it's definitely a pin.
  15. :D
  16. It’s a bad idea squeezing the trigger with the side plate off. The pins that the various parts rotate on are getting stressed unevenly and can break.
  17. In fact it does not Jerry removes it in his gun because his trigger has the stop It’s also much harder to adjust than the one on the trigger you have to keep taking the gun apart filing it and putting it back in

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  18. Leftover parts on things usually makes them more efficient :)
  19. I'd guess pin was for firing pin. I'd leave the transfer bar out and the lock mechnisim. Usually you can clip a coil or two off rebound spring. I'd Stone every rub mark on trigger hammer and rebound slide. If your really ambitious drill out flash hole to.125 in some brass and prime with Federals. Back off strain screw until you no longer have reliable firing. Turn in 3/4 turn, file tip of off strain screw amount equal to what you screwed out then screw strain screw all the way in. Will only run on Federals but you'll have a nicer trigger.
  20. OK, this guy understands the nuances of a proper trigger job...