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Revisiting Classic books

  1. I find myself re-reading some of my favorite books every few years...anyone else here do the same?

    My last few happen to have been...

    “Unintended Consequences”- J Ross
    “A Rifleman Went to War”- HW McBride
    “Coming Up for Air”- Orwell
    “Jaybirds Go to Hell on Friday”- H Babcock
    “The Nick Adams Stories”- Hemingway
  2. I do. To Kill a Mockingbird is up next because I'm reading Furious Hours about Harper Lee possibly writing an In Cold Blood of her own investigating a Black preacher who killed a bunch of folks for insurance money and the white attorney who kept defending him. The preacher killed a young girl and when he went to her funeral, the preacher was shot dead by her stepfather in front of 300 witnesses and the lawyer got him off for killing his ex-client. I love good lawyer tales.
  3. Grapes of Wrath
    East of Eden
    The Wanting Seed

    I am also a fan of In Cold Blood
  4. Have you read the newer, “Go Set a Watchman?”
  5. I do Grapes of Wrath and East of Eden too. And In Cold Blood. And Animal Farm and 1984 and Lord of the Flies.
  6. No.
  7. Hey Valmet...if you read Go Set A Watchman, what did you think of it?
  8. I have read Larry McMurtry's Lonesome Dove 3 times, and will no doubt read it again. Does that count?
  9. I actually enjoyed it. It doesn’t jive with the current PC culture (which is why so many contemporary critics panned it) but as a follow up to “To Kill a Mockingbird,” 56 years later, it was enjoyable.

    I would recommend re-reading TKMB just prior to GSAW for it to be fresh.
  10. Thanks. Will do. It never occurred to me why all the bad press. Silly me.
  11. Eventually. I have the French language editions of Cryano de Bergerac, Tartuffe, Cousin Betty which were delivered from Thriftbooks in the last two weeks. I first read them in English. I have the French editions of The Three Musketeers and The Count of Monte Cristo on the shelf.