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Welcome to the Glock Talk Classifieds.

Before participating you must be a member in good standing for 30-days and have made 50 substantive contributions to our firearm forums. You may also post in the firearm-related Carry Issues and Gun Control Issues forums.

By participating in the Classifieds area you acknowledge and affirm that you have read, understand, and agree to abide by these Glock Talk Classifieds Rules. Any violation may result in your banning from the Classifieds or the Glock Talk site.

1. All buyers/sellers acknowledge the use of the Classified Section is "at your own risk." Glock Talk and its Staff members will not be held liable for failed or disputed transactions. GT staff will not argue on a member's behalf, nor provide legal advice.

All buyers/sellers will comply with all federal, state, and local laws. If you need to research something, is a great resource, but remember to check with state and local authorities as well.

Ignorance of the law will not protect you, so make sure you know what you are doing before you do it.

USE COMMON SENSE. Please be careful about to whom you send money. If the party is not a regular buyer/seller on GT, ask for references. No matter how much you want the gun or accessory, no matter how great a deal it is, the deal is never good if you get ripped off.

2. Do not post any advertisement outside the Glock Classifieds forums. Advertising is prohibited in all other forums on

3. To create a post in the Classifieds:
  • Click on the Create Post button
  • Select Buy/Sell - Post to Marketplace
  • Choose your Listing Type
    • For Sale
    • Want to Buy
    • For Trade
  • Select the proper forum for your listing
    • Edged Weapons & Related Items
    • Firearms Listings
    • Gun Parts & Accessories
    • Holsters & Related Items
    • Misc. Gun Stuff
    • Misc. Non-Gun Stuff
    • Wanted To Buy
  • Create your Title
  • Post your asking Price (Mandatory)
  • Enter your Location (The Minimum requirement is your State. Be more specific if you can.)
  • Describe the item(s) included for sale, to trade, or that you WTB.
    • Mention any flaws
    • Highlight exceptional qualities
    • Add Images that show the condition of the item(s). This will help eliminate issues later.
  • Last, add tags relevant to your listing. Some members do search for items using them.

4. Listing for sale, trade, or want-to-buy any home-built or non-serialized firearm or component designated a firearm by the ATF is strictly prohibited.

5. We ask that you keep your bumps and BTTs (Back To Top) in the 'Classifieds' section to one (1) a day. We want everyone to have a chance at the first page. Anyone found to be BTT-ing too often will have their ads removed.

6. Do not discuss the merit, price, or description of the item(s) listed within the Classifieds ad. If you find fault with the item, price, or description, contact that member in a private Conversation to get clarification or negotiate acceptable terms. Do not do it in the listing thread.

7. Do not snipe at other members' ad posts or harass that member with rude, argumentative comments. Again, if you have a legitimate problem with the item being listed, contact the seller directly and privately.

8. If there is a real problem with an ad or the member posting the ad, report the post or contact a Moderator or Admin.

9. DO NOT post a 'link' to 'For Sale' ads you may have on other boards, such as GunBroker or GunsAmerica. Links in other forums hold the same weight as Ads themselves, they aren't allowed.

10. This Classifieds area is not a venue for commercial businesses to sell their wares at no cost.

If you are an FFL or commercial business and want to do a meaningful volume of business here, visit the Carbon Media Vendor Program FAQ page.

June 27, 2022

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Please take time to read the revised Rules and Policies for your Classifieds forums.

There is one major change.

Our Classifieds are reserved for participating members. In order to post in these forums, you must have been a member in good standing for 30-days, AND, you must have made 50 or more substantive contributions to our firearm forums. For this purpose, our Carry Issues and Gun-Control Issues fall under that umbrella.

We hope this makes everyone's experience more pleasant.
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