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Review: New Rubber Textured Talon Grips

Discussion in 'Gun-Parts & Access.' started by JBarbaresi, Sep 18, 2011.

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    Sep 28, 2009
    Talon Grips with Rubber Texture can be purchased here.

    I recently purchased a Kahr CM9 and was in search for a different grip option because the front and back straps' texture was too aggressive for my liking, and in my opinion the rest of the grip in between was lacking in texture. While doing research I opted to use the "tried and true" bicycle inner tube to hold me over, and while it provided an excellent improvement I found that for pocket carry the soft rubber was a little too tacky and sticky. There are a few slip on rubber grips available on the market, but before trying another one of those I opted for something I've never tried before, the Talon Grips with rubber texture.

    Talon Grips has made a name over the years by offering a stick on grip with a sand paper or "granulate" texture to it, kind of like skateboard tape. I have used them in the past on my Glocks and although they offer the most secure grip texture of anything else i've ever tried, I found they were way too aggressive for concealed carry. I knew they would definitely not work for pocket carry on the CM9 either. That's when I found out they recently released all of their products in a rubberized version to appeal to concealed carriers.

    Since they are only $11 shipped I placed an order and got a shipment confirmation the very next morning, and the grips arrived yesterday with the mail. Installation is very easy and included a set of directions that do a good job of explaining the process if it is your first time. After I was done with the installation I knew almost immediately that this was exactly what I was looking for. The rubber is not overly soft or "squishy" to the touch and you can still feel the actual texture they've added. It is also not sticky or tacky like the bicycle inner tube grip was, in fact it almost feels like a very soft plastic as opposed to rubber. The texture does such a good job of "grabbing" your skin that with a good grip on the gun it feels like a combination between a custom stipple job and a very thin rubber slip on grip. There is hardly any added girth, and the pattern of the grip matches the outline of the stock textured portion which makes them look like they belong on the gun. In fact, with exception of the barely noticeable seam on the left side you might confuse them as the stock grip unless you know better. You can tell just by looking at it that this is a quality product and will last a long time. The edges don't seem like they will peel up or slip around and the finished product allows the gun to maintain a very professional looking appearance.

    Today I shot 200 rounds using the grips, and they definitely improve the purchase of the weapon and give a nice solid and stable grip and help with control of the recoil on such a small gun. Over all I am very happy and can say with confidence that these grips will stay on my CM9.

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