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    Jan 13, 2003
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    Hi all at GT I know I am a newbie here, but this is a suggestion that I feel would work very well on this forum a Retailer board as it would benifit both members and advertisers/retailer and even help fund the board aswell.
    On another forum I use there is a very successful retailer board, and as a member it is a god send, as I can get detailed product information, quotes and stock information etc... and I can look at what others are asking and can get ideas or just information I was thinking of asking. And for a Retailer it would only take a small amount of time to check and reply to posts could be done whilst checking emails etc.. it would bring in bussiness as it would make it more conveinent for customers to contact them and also more fluid than email, also the advertise ment factor, also would make new or more obsure products be very easily accessable online without having to update websites. And the forum host could charge the retailer for this service or have it as an extra incentive for advertisers.

    I hope this is of interest:)