Response to Matt Tully's Sunday Commentary

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    Click on this link to my thread in Political Issues to participate in my response to Matt Tully of the Indy Star awarding "gold medals" to Mayor Ballard for opposing the LTCH in city parks proposal and Evan Bayh's timing on his retirement announcement that disenfranchises all Hoosier voters.
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    There are many people who seem to think that they can pick and choose which constitutional rights should be in place and which should not. Depending on their personal viewpoints.
    They fail to see that giving away any rights is opening the door for losing them all.
    It is the "I don't care unless it hurts me" philosophy which has been repeated throughout history as dictatorship governments come into power.
    Usually too late to do anything about it by the time it hurts you.
    They like to use the guise of patriotism to get the people in line with their agendas and actually call you un-American if you oppose them. Imagine that!!!