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Resizing Pictures for Attachments – Learn How

Discussion in 'Announcements & Support' started by stevehof, Jun 17, 2006.

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    Would you like to learn how to send or attach photos that don’t take all day to download and don’t require scrolling to see the whole dang thang….?

    Go to Google's PICASA page and download and install this free and very nice digital photo editing and cataloging program.

    If you want to keep it real simple, move all of your digital photos into your ‘My Pictures’ folder and make a new folder inside your ‘My Pictures’ folder called ‘Attachments’.

    After you open Picasa for the first time it will take few moments to catalog and list thumbnails of all of your digital photos. Select the photo you want post as an attachment on GT by double clicking on its thumbnail photo. Once the photo is open you can edit it, if you like, for darkness/lightness/color.

    When the photo is to your liking, select ‘File’>’Export Picture to Folder’ from Picasa’s top toolbar. Browse to 'My Pictures' and select the new ‘Attachments’ folder as the ‘save to’ destination. Make sure the size slider is set to 800 or under and JPEG quality is set to at least 75%.