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Researching Guns

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Have you ever noticed that if you research some guns you get posts on message boards about when they 1st introduced or got popular? I have been looking stuff on the TRP and all the post dates are like 2004 and 2005.

I know these same questions get asked in last year or so. You would think it would show up in Google searches.
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and some reading for you...this was in response to a question on the Professional vs TRP...

The TRP is a factory pistol which has been upgraded with a few features to make it look like the full custom Professional model (FBI SWAT pistol).
The Professional is a full custom pistol that begins with a national match frame which has the oversized slide rails cut into the frame in our Geneseo machine shop. It uses all custom parts, including the Springfield Custom tool steel hammer & sear, Nowlin barrel & bushing, S&A mag well, Wilson ambi thumb safety, Novak low mount rear sight, dovetail front sight, match skeletonized trigger, standard guide rod system, and 6 specially tuned Metalform 7 round magazines. These pistols are hand assembled by custom gunsmiths in our Geneseo custom shop, under the supervision of master gunsmith David Williams. The Professional models meet or exceed all specifications of the FBI SWAT contract, including the accuracy requirement of 1.5" or better at 25 yards with Remington Golden Saber ammunition. The civilian pistols and the FBI pistols are built at the same time, with the gunsmiths never knowing whether a civilian or FBI agent will be using the pistol. These pistols are built approx. every 45 days, with the FBI order being filled first and civilian orders getting all of the remaining from the production run. These pistols do not have front cocking serrations or full length guide rods because the FBI chose not to have these features on their pistols. (Front cocking serrations catch on clothing and full length guide rods require additional tools for disassembly.) These pistols are finished with the Black T finish done by Walter Birdsong in MS.

The TRP pistol is a factory pistol which has been upgraded with more hand fitting than a standard factory pistol, as well as a 2 piece mag well, night sights, and better tuning internally. It has a quoted accuracy of 2.5" or better at 25 yards with match ammunition. It has the front cocking serrations and full length guide rod, just like the other factory "loaded" models. These pistols are finished with Springfield's Armory Kote finish, which is a painted on, baked on finish similar to the Black T finish.

Deb, Custom Shop Coordinator
Springfield Inc.
420 West Main St.
Geneseo, IL 61254
(800) 680-6866
[email protected]
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This should help in your research of the TRP. Buy one. :cool: You'll love it. :supergrin:
The TRP is one of the best production 1911s around.
^ Agreed.... Dan Wesson and STI's Lawman are also extremely good options as well.
TRP...Dan Wesson...Anything in there you can't do wrong.
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