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Request your Kalashnikov Klub numbers here!

  1. Please look at the current club number list, titled "NEW Kalashnikov Klub club number thread...", select a number not currently in use, then post your number request in this thread. I'll post a response when I update the list.

    All requests for numbers that I could find, have been filled at this time. Several numbers were requested twice, so the following folks need to make another selection:


    These folks just requested any number be assigned.
    Here are the names, and the assigned number:

    JKump - 2004
    keltic - 1010
    cpubugs - 2005

    Welcome to all to the Kalashnikov Klub!
  2. Looks like 1985 is available in the list below, so I'll take it ;f

    If it's unavailable.. I'll take any old number.
  3. You're all set; assigned #1985. Welcome!
  4. I pick 1949 for my number
  5. Posted! Welcome!
  6. Can I have 1776?
  7. You got it! Welcome!
  8. could i get number 63 please.
  9. You're up and runnin'! Welcome!
  10. Can I get 325 please?
  11. Okay I will try again, how about 4390, think that one should be good. Thanks again.
  12. There you go; now you're all set! Welcome!
  13. Could I have #941, please and thanks.
  14. I'll take 4774:cool:
  15. Done and done! Welcome to you both!
  16. May I have 1313 please?
  17. Posted! Welcome!
  18. As of this afternoon, I am the proud owner of a Yugo M70AB2. I would like to have #593 if still available. Thanks.
  19. Updated! Welcome!
  20. I'd like a slice of '1682' please.
  21. Can I get 15?
  22. Done and done! Welcome to you both!
  23. Howdy can I have #5789 ?
    thx Cochise:cool:
  24. You got it! Welcome!
  25. I'll take 21 please
  26. You're up and runnin'! Welcome!
  27. Requesting #622 please.
  28. You're good to go! Welcome!
  29. May I have #999 please?
  30. You're all set! Welcome!
  31. Could I take 54539?
  32. Can I have 615??
  33. Done and done! Welcome to you both!
  34. Can I have # 200?
  35. Posted! Welcome!
  36. DJ,

    Can I get 1219 please?


  37. Updated! Welcome!
  38. can i have the # 762?
  39. ok 762 is not free so can I use the 501?
  40. Could I have 37? Thanks
  41. Done and done! Welcome to you both!
  42. Can I have 1973 please?
  43. Could I have #88.
  44. Two more updated! Welcome to you both!
  45. May I have number 444 please?
  46. You got it! Welcome!
  47. DJ Niner,

    Although I'm down to only one AK ( Romy underfolder ), may I please have number 133 ?

  48. You're all set! Welcome!
  49. It's starting to look like I need to have an AK before I can do this.