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Reporter Slap Down

  1. REPORTER: "Checking on oil again today—"

    TRUMP: "Where is it today? Give me the price."

    REPORTER: "I am not sure, to be honest."

    TRUMP: "How can you ask a question, when you don’t know the price?"

    REPORTER: "I will look it up—"

    TRUMP: "Let me just go to somebody else."

    :animlol: :animlol: :animlol:
  2. REPORTER: "Checking on oil again today—"

    What was she checking? Apparently not the price which is all there is to check about.
  3. What a dipstick.

  4. Just more TDS[​IMG]
  5. [​IMG]
  6. Nobody, handles the media better than President Trump!! ;)

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  7. Makes me smile
  8. This really sums up the media today. ****ing amateurs. No one can put them in their place like Trump.
  9. The press needs to start looking at their approach to WH press briefings as being more like attending business meetings. Better come with facts, not feelings, beliefs and a desire to just spout words and ask inane (or insane) questions. :impatient:
  10. If i was a reporter (and i'm not, by the way). I would ask the president a question in the form of a question. Which would make absolutely no sense. Just to fit in with my fellow friends from the press core. Liberals got to stick together.
  11. That slob journalist with the 76ers lanyard around his neckflab does a pretty good Michael Moore impression.

  12. “President Trump, why are you recommending aquarium tank cleaner that will kill people? How many American deaths do you find acceptable?”

    “President obama, when you dance with Michelle, can you feel how toned her arms are?”
  13. I have been waiting most of my life to see someone that would not put up with the medias crap.
    I didn't like Trump at first, but the orange man ROCKS!
  14. he should have told him, "YOU"RE FIRED" !
  15. I'm really suprised he doesn't ever have one of those "media types" kicked out of the press room for stupid questions/rambling comments in the form of a question.
  16. I watch the brief today 4/7 on fox business.
    I also had the White House you tube channel on.
    So You could hear the president of/when fox cuts away.

    Fox did not show the reporters instead kept the camera on the president more of a close-up.

    My opinion is after the poor performance of some of their "reporters" Fox did not want the public to see them on camera.

    Did not want the viewer to later look up who asked that bias propaganda question. Who was that "reporter?
    What it CNN AP nope it was FNC.

    Could not handle Trump calling them down.
  17. Can you imagine he's been putting up with these clowns now for 3 years? I would have thrown them out a long time ago.
  18. I think it was FOX's Kristin Fisher, their WH correspondent. I saw a clip of the exchange and believe that was the gal he had called on. She's usually pretty good.
  19. Showed how biased and not too up on the subject she and by extension FNC are.
  20. The price of oil was purely inconsequential...it was DJT's Answer to the price of oil, the reporter was after...bait & switch
  21. Somebody actually pays these "reporters" money. For what? :D
  22. The purpose of asking for the price of oil was to show that the "reporters" are not up to date on basic information related to the subject.
    Had the "reporter" been knowledgeable then the president would have continued.