Reported MVC had no car and no patients found. Two weeks later, police find the car, and two bodies.

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    Paige Escalera, 25, and Stephanie Mayorga, 27, were last seen on April 15, according to Wilmington Police. Their roommate, under the impression that she had to wait 72 hours to report the women missing, called police about their disappearance on April 19. Investigators searched "broad areas of interest" for Escalera's grey 2013 Dodge Dart, police said. It was finally found less than seven miles from the women's apartment and more than two weeks after they were reported missing after police uncovered a 911 call about a high-speed crash from the night the women disappeared. Local news site Port City Daily obtained the April 15th 911 call about the crash. The caller told police: “I just saw a car driving so fast and smash into the wall … Wow … Listen, this is like really serious. … This is a serious injury. … This is serious. … There’s a stop sign over here and he didn’t stop. … There’s a stop sign and he drives very fast, and I’m sure, I saw it with my mirror. … I saw in my glass mirror the car like disappear inside the tree. … I’m sure what I saw." Wilmington Police, emergency medical services, and fire crews responded and talked with the caller, who remained on the scene to help, but officers left in under 10 minutes, police said. “We are unable to locate any vehicle that appears to be crashed up and down River Road or near the intersections," an officer told dispatch eight minutes after crews arrived at the scene, Port City Daily reported. “You can clear all units off this.” Police have said in a statement that when they returned to the scene of the reported wreck on May 4, "the only evidence of the crash was a faint tire imprint near the curb, as well as scuff marks on the curb itself." "The Dodge Dart was hidden in an area of thick vegetation, partially submerged in a swamp with only a small section of the roof visible from up above," police said in a statement. "In addition, thick vegetation at the back of the car fully covered the taillights and prevented any reflection under a searchlight."