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Reply to House Bill SB 218

  1. I recently wrote the senators in our state regaurding house bill 218 which would restrict weapons in specified areas of the University Of Utah. This is the response I recieved I thought you all would be interested. Attached is the response I recieved.

    Dear Shawn Bluemel,

    Thanks for writing me about SB 251, which is the result of a working group of Senators (Waddoups, Knudsen, Bell, Madsen, and Mayne), Representatives (Oda, Hunsaker, Wimmer) and, for the Utah System of Higher Education (USHE), Associate Commissioner Dave Buhler, President Ann Milner of Weber State University, and Kim Wirthlin, Vice President of the University of Utah.

    Recently, the Utah Supreme Court ruled against the U of U and in favor the State Legislature’s position that the Legislature alone could determine gun policy for Utah’s public colleges and universities. However, the U of U’s claims in its lawsuit in Federal court are still outstanding, to the effect that the U has a right to control its learning environment as a part of academic freedom and other claims. The Working Group was convened to resolve the outstanding Federal claims and the USHE’s expressed desire to have some accommodation of gun policy.

    USHE sought to ban weapons from classrooms and academic areas, labs, athletic venues, student union areas, faculty and staff offices, and residence halls. With one exception, the legislators could not accept these requests.

    The agreement between the working group members is as follows (and is reflected in SB 251):

    1. The USHE and the U of U expressly acknowledge that only the Legislature may determine gun policy on the campuses of Utah’s public colleges and universities.

    2. The U of U will dismiss its federal claims against the Legislature.

    3. A concealed weapons permit holder may carry a legally permitted weapon anywhere on a campus except specific faculty and staff offices where a notice is posted. Faculty/staff members will have the choice of an office a) in which legally carried weapons are permitted, or b) which is posted with a sign indicating no weapons are allowed inside the office. Convenient safe storage for weapons must be provided near posted offices.
  2. We saw how well those signs work at Trolley Square didn't we?

    It doesn't even matter to the antis what the compromise is, just that there is a compromise. A place to begin chipping away, every year there will be another bill with more compromises.

    I don't understand how the loser of the judgment is in such a strong negotiating position.
  3. I totally agree. Generally when they are given a little they take alot.
  4. Those storage lockers will never happen, either, just like the lockers that were supposed to happen at the courthouses.
  5. They have signs at trolley square?

    (I've never been there)