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Rep. Zack Space (D) 18th Dist.

  1. I have contacted Rep. Space twice in the last month. First regarding his vote in favor of the Pelosi/Murtha "non-binding resolution" on Iraq. Secondly on HR 1022, which is still in committee and hopefully will stay there. I was quite respectful and did not attack him or his party. I also requested some sort of reply from his office. To this date I have not received any correspondence. It would be nice if I at least got a form letter with a stamped signature. Maybe Space was too busy filming The Colbert Report to answer his constituents. Oh well, two years isn't long enough to get attached to Washington!!!
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  3. Generally speaking, I don't expect return correspondance from the boys in DC for a month after a note. But I've never dropped them a line that didn't get me at least a form letter after a few weeks. Always by mail, which is hilarious since most of them prefer to get correspondance electronically.
  4. i've never got a reply from him either. i'm at the very end of his district which doesn't make any sense to me how it came to be arranged the way it is and i suspect we here in the hills are pretty much the red haired step childern as far as his voters go. i liked it a lot better when strickand was my rep in DC and the district covered an area where he (strickland) lived and the bounderys seemed logical in how they were drawn up.
  5. I agree that you shouldn't have to wait long to get a response from your legislator, but he is new so I'd cut him a little slack.
  6. I am watching his votes closely. I understand he was elected, but c'mon, with Ney's scandal and dropping out at the last minute, Mickey Mouse could have gotten elected in that race. I always had a great appreciation for what Rep. Ney did for our area, he really let a lot of people down who supported him. Space better understand that his constituents is where his loyalty lies, not with the left-wing hippies taking over his party.
  7. When the home rule issue was happening, I send plenty of letters to all politicians involved, and got most written responses back in about 2-3 weeks.
  8. I got a written response from Space on monday in reference to HR1022. His letter was short and lacked any real information. He stated that if HR1022 came to a vote on the house floor he would "consider my opinion". He also stated he supported the 2nd Amendment and that he was a member of the NRA. However, when he referred to HR1022 in his letter he states that it would implement a ban on weapons that had previously expired. Either he thinks I'm retarded or he did not read HR1022, it is the most sweeping gun ban legislation in history!!! Lot's of folks in my area are losing their love for Mr. Space since he seems to be influenced by the ultra-left wing of his party. We didn't elect a Republican congressman six consecutive terms because our area is "liberal".
  9. Funny...I got the same form letter from Deb Pryce.
  10. :laughabove: Seems like that letter must be their basic no response response. :upeyes: I don't know how you can have "I support the 2nd Amend. and I'm an NRA member" along with "if HR1022 comes to the House floor I'll consider your opinion." This vote should be a no-brainer. Sadly, however, I think the only no-brainer is Rep. Space himself.