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Remington Competition Master

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Any of you shoot this model? I have shot it sparingly since I bought it new several years ago because it will not eject target loads. Is the gas system adjustable? What are the lightest loads you have had success with?
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Here's an old photo of my 1100 Competition Master "Clone", built on a 1972 Remington 1100.

Earlier this year, I took the pistol-gripped Speedfeed III stock off, and put on a 'conventional' Speedfeed III stock.
(This stock set was a LOT less expensive than the Remington stock set!)

This (sofar) has functioned very well, with everything I've thrown at it.
I got all the parts from Remington, using a write-up that has since been removed from the 'net.

Here's the list and part numbers from that article:

You might try cleaning the gas ports in the barrel, and possibly replacing the O-ring.

I don't think that the 'original' Competition Master was designed for 'bunny fart' loads.
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Fired about 65 rounds through it yesterday at the range. To my surprise it was ejecting 3-1/4 dram of powder rounds-with #7-1/2 shot size, as well as the 9 pellet Fiocchi buckshot rounds.
I haven't tried this thing at trap, but may give it a whirl. It looks enough like a standard shotgun to not upset the elitist trap shooters.
mine shoots everything, only time I have ever had trouble is with thin aluminium cases, sometimes the extractor will rip the edge off and not eject the hull. Not often, and only with the cheapest of the cheap stuff.
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