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Remington 870 DM

  1. I am not a fan of a DM shotgun. I think they are clunky, same goes for a pistol grip shotgun. I would much rather have a tube gun with standard stock. My 590 is 8+1 and no pistol grip. Feels nice and comfortable and slim. I realize the one disadvantage is that with a DM you can reload it faster, assuming you're carrying extra mags. But, I have never had to reload with 9 rounds on tap.
  2. No thanks.

    Look how poorly their DM hi-cap pump 7600's Frankenguns fared.

    They were so-so with USGI straight 20 round magazines but slap in a 30-round mag and good luck manipulating the forend without difficulty; what a clunker!
  3. Yeah, this shotgun seems clunky for sure. That’s only a 6-round mag, it’s big, and it hangs way down beneath the shotgun. I was hoping for something more exciting than this.
  4. Nope not gonna happen I can empty 9 rounds and reload and empty again faster than you can fumble for a mag.
  5. AND you would think Remington's engineers could figure out a way to also include the mag tube itself; as it stands, just wasted real estate for a pump arm and rails.

    4+1 from the tube that when empty, switches to the 6-round box magazine sounds doable.

    Even then I'd pass but it might attract a little more attention.
  6. For me, no thanks, as it's just too easy to top off a tube mag, and still keep the gun running if things are tight........
  7. Nice if the detachable mag could somehow refill the mag tube quickly
  8. I like your idea! I think, though, having it use the mag first, then switch to the tube.
  9. Their ad shows a Tac-14 DM available.

  10. Probably garbage like the rest of the new Remingtons , sold my newer 870 tactical for a 590.
  11. Yeah, it’s pretty hard to trust Big Green these days. I grew up loving Remington too.
  12. Looks tacticool. It'll probably sell well. It'll probably also do well as a prop gun in TV shows and Movies. Expect to see guys chewing up all manner of walls, windows and vehicles with it in future shows.

    Personally, I consider one of the great advantages of a tube-magazine pump shotgun to be the integral magazine. It makes for a slim profile and fast handling.

    No magazine to risk losing, coming unlatched, being dislodged or damaged (impact) or getting in the way. Once you lose your magazine (loss or damage), your pump shotgun is now a single shot, and if there's no shell carrier anymore, probably a less easily loaded single shot.

    Also, you can more easily top off a tube magazine at any moment than a box magazine (no fumbling with removing, topping off and reinserting & seating the box).

    I think I'll stay with my standard config 870 and my Winchester 1200. That leaves more for some of you guys. :p
  13. Not to mention that you cant really store the mags loaded, the spring pressure will deform plastic hulled shells in a relatively short amount of time. If a drum mag existed and this was a Versamax I'd be interested but in an 870 I could care less.
  14. That does make sense from a non-engineering background....either way, I think that even the body/feed lips of an empty magazine would get in the way of a lifter (or whatever the device/part) to allow a loaded shell (from the tube) to reach the chamber.

    I'm thinking too much. And while I'm not interested in buying one, I am curious about how one could (if it's even possible) implement the tube and a DM.....
  15. I'll stick with my tube 870's. You can reload on the move, by inserting 1 rd at a time into the tube, keeping the shotgun fully loaded.

  16. Black Aces has offered a DM shotgun and short bbl firearm based on the Mossberg 500 for about 5 years. It uses Saiga mags/drums.
  17. Nah. I load 8 rounds, shot to shot in 3.5 seconds. So much fizzle at Remington these days.
  18. As someone who owned a Black Aces 500, that was an unreliable Hunk of Junk, I'm intrigued.
  19. The addition of a box mag takes away all the positives from the 870.
    It’s like grafting a pickup bed onto a Corvette to increase its payload capacity.
  20. IMG_0460.JPG
  21. The one on the right is a beast
  22. [​IMG]

  23. Yeah, but kind of defeats the purpose of keeping it compact.

    What I want is the new Tac-14 hardwood. The black plastic and magpul forend on mine looks kind of mall-ninja-silly by comparison. Plus, they are showing it with a +1 extension - I guess that extra round in the Mossbergs was a competition issue.
  24. Awe crap......

    Now that is stunning
  25. :laughabove: Beat me to it
  26. I agree. It's beyond dumb, it's ****ing stupid. If I was running Remington that idea never would have gotten past the CAD stage.

    That's the best looking 870 I've ever seen. I don't need another one but I'm buying that.
  27. That is sweet.
  28. To you guys that aren’t liking the DM, did see the Clay Martin review I posted, #19? Just curious what your take on his opinion of it? He brought up a few things I didn’t even consider, and a few things I had already realized were advantageous he also went in on. I was surprised to see how much he liked it. The opinions of all internet reviewers are worth being skeptical of, but I’ve always liked Martin’s stuff. I’m not all in on the DM like he is, but I’m more intrigued now. If it’s getting good reviews in a year, I might check out their predator version.
  29. Yep. I'll have to buy the hardwood version and sell my Magpul version.

  30. I generally don’t base much of my decision from any information provided by a gun rag writer. He brought up a few safety points, but they were nothing that was particularly specific to the weapon. They were fallacies that we’re created by individuals with safeties off and shells in the gun.

    So, I guess all I got was the normal gun rag scribbled fluf. For me, the external nag is a step backwards with the platform. Added parts, increasing the profile of the gun, little to no benefit.
  31. Naw, there are enough ****tards who think it's the best thing since cheese in a can, Just look at the popularity of the Taurus Judge. Even S$W copied them....
  32. Yes, and it was gun rag garbage that ignores the biggest flaw with the gun. You can't store the magazines loaded for very long or the plastic shells will deform. I own a Saiga 12 and six stick mags, every mag deformed the shells.

    My full size 870 is front heavy as hell, because of the Surefire forend on it, not because of the shells in it. It's also not a safety issue and adding a magazine will not change the safety aspect of using it either. Cruiser ready is cruiser ready whether it's fed from a mag or tube.

    Besides all that, he mentions being able to change loads more easily, which is only kinda true. If I need a slug in my 870 I can put one in the tube and work the action, I now have a slug ready to go without doing any kind of ninja stuff that he is talking about.

    He also mentioned switching from less lethal loads to lethal loads, and that's the dumbest idea ever. Every department I've ever seen or had anything to do with used dedicated less lethal guns, just so people didn't do dumb **** like load buckshot or slugs in less lethal guns as this guy is advocating.

    In short, that article was tripe sponsored by Remington.
  33. Well there you have it ;)
  34. Item location "Hong Kong." I never buy or sell across international borders.

    Also, $75 for the stock and grip, if they fit (my other 870 forends don't fit my Tac-14) doesn't get me the 1-round extension or the magazine tube that apparently doesn't have the limiting bumps in it. Even if I just drill out the mag tube, For the price of putting all of that on my Tac-14 I'd have over $500 in it. I can just sell it, buy a hardwood and come out cheaper.
  35. Yeah, I did a similar analysis.
    The non dimpled mag tube was most interesting. I looked at Remington for the parts, it looked like the fore end was $75, and grip not available.
    Damn, looks like I'm going to end up with, at least, three Tac 14s.