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Remington 597 Range Report

  1. I took my new Remington 597 to the range today and ran about 150 rounds through it. It ran 99.9% with Federal bulk pack and Winchester '333' bulk pack. I did have one round jam in the mag after I was done and decided to just dump a mag as fast as I could.

    My groups were tighter with the Winchester than the Federal. I'm not too good with a rifle, but this thing made me look good. The picture below is 10 rounds at 25 yards with the scope set on 5x power. I was seated with a short stack of 2x4s supporting the from of the stock.

  2. Nice!!! Nothing like the 597.I had one a while ago in mossy oak camo and loved it...but somebody else wanted it more than me.
  3. It's definately a MOCC (minute of Coke can) shooter!