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Remington 572 Fieldmaster

  1. Been eyeing one of these. While I already have a Rossi 62, the 572 is more of an "adult" sized gun. Anyone owning one of these care to chime in whether you are glad you have it, or is it something on the trading block?
  2. I had one for many years. It is a full-sized rifle; I think the older models were made with 19" and 23" barrels. I picked it up to shoot quiet ammo like CCI CB .22 Shorts, as it was really quiet with those loads (and the tube held like 25 rounds of Short-length ammo!). Accuracy was okay, nothing to get excited about, typical hunting-rifle accuracy (exact accuracy depended on the load, of course, but it never shot REALLY well with anything).

    Super reliable (as one might expect). Things I didn't like: finish on the alloy receiver is easy to scratch, rifle is a bit rattly-loose (par for the course with most pump-action .22s), and full disassembly isn't very easy. Eventually, I found a better host for quiet ammo (BL-22), and I traded it off. My old 572:

  3. Thanks - very objective.
  4. I've won NSSF World Shoot Mechanical Division two years in a row shooting one. Mine is a later production piece with more of a 700 style stock, sights, and finish. I think it's the most natural pointing rifle I've ever owned. I've shot quicker times than some of the other shooters using bottom feeders. I made loaders for mine from aluminum tube and plastic caps form McMaster-Carr. Really speeds thing along shooting 5 strings on each stage at a match.
  5. Well, obviously SOME of them WILL shoot well! Good to hear, and thanks for chiming-in, so the info I posted about my older rifle didn't put-off someone considering a purchase of a newer model.
  6. I just had to hit steel plates at no more than 50 feet or so. Speed is much more important than shooting small groups. I love shooting mine but only do it once or twice a year in competition. I've also won every state level NSSF Rimfire match held in Alabama but I started with a BL22 Browning before Mike Foley beat me in Kentucky shooting a pump.
  7. I never owned one but ran with a guy years ago that did. He bought it used and ran thousands of rounds through it yearly. Solid, accurate, fast handling gun. Eventually the pinned barrel started to wiggle a bit but it still seemed to shoot well enough for most hunting/plinking situations.
  8. Good plinker. Had mine for years. Kept it in the trailer in our hunting camp. Still have it!
  9. I've never seen or heard of one. I like that and will keep an eye out to add one to the collection.
  10. I have one that my father passed on to me. It is a really nice rim fire rifle.

    I'm sure it will be passed on to my Grandkids when I am no longer using it.