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Remington 1911 thoughts?

  1. Looking to get my first 1911. I really want a classic looking 1911 as I've wanted for a long time. After researching a few models I was recommended the Remington R1 1911. Anybody has thoughts or reviews on this model? Thanks

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  2. I've read that they have cast frames, doesn't make it bad though, lots of RIA's and ATI's out there with cast frames.
    A guy on another forum posted a pic of the barrel bed and it didn't look cut right at all, seems like the way they machined it would lead to premature barrel lug failure. Here's a link:
    Not sure if they're all made like that or not but it's simply not made right. Other then that I'd say they'd be decent for the money but for a few bucks more you can get into a Springfield Armory or even a Kimber. JMHO, YMMV.
  3. Wow that thread def scares you. I would like to know if that Is prevalent in all of them. I'll look into Springfield armory as well.

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  4. I have one.

    Its in the link below.
  5. Have you noticed if the barrel bed was cut at an angle line in the link or is it "normal"?
  6. If I wanted a classic looking 1911, I would choose the S/A GI over the R1.
  7. I've always loved the Springfield Armory Mil-Spec especially since they've upgraded the sights and have the ejection port lowered and fluted. Long as you don't get hammer bite not much more I'd want done to a 1911. Of course if you are prone to hammer bite then a Beaver Tail Grip safety with Commander hammer are nice but that's about as modded out as I like a 1911. Guess I just like to keep things simple.
    Also, I've always like the Remington R1, I just didn't know about the funny cut they'd made in the barrel bed. I don't know if all of em' are that way of if that was an isolated case but it's just not to spec..
  8. The Springfield armory 1911s are about the same price as the r1's?

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  9. The Problem with the Springfield GI, NOT the mil-spec, is they have
    ceased production. Very hard to find right now. Price was on par with Remington.
  10. Yea no shop around me has S/A 1911 mil specs in stock

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  11. I was only able to locate two brand new GI SA 1911s in Canada nowadays. Both are OD green, so maybe that's the reason why they are still available.

  12. Mil-specs are still being produced, GI models are not.
  13. I have one and really like it. While it isn't a GI style I agree with you on liking the more classic look. I've thought about putting a different grip safety on it to fit my hand a little better, but I think I'm going to leave it pretty much stock.
  14. I was referring to the GI model,not the Mil-Spec.Confusing the two seems to be common among novice 1911 enthusiasts'.
  15. ^this. not a big fan of series 80 ignition parts
  16. I guess if only owning 8 over the last few years makes me a "novice" then so be it.:rofl:

    Here's the G.I.

    Here's the Mil-Spec.

    I like the Mil-Spec.
  17. Frank, judging by your posts, its hard to believe you have owned 8 1911s. heck your latest one has an idiot scratch on it. plus your signature line that you deleted recently only listed three sissy pistols. gotta go feed my pet unicorn now.
  18. Here's my Springer GI

  19. Ya think? :rofl:
  20. After a wee bit of TLC...:whistling: :rofl:

    That's a damn good looking gun. :thumbsup:
  21. a masterpiece!
  22. That's the end result of a professional make over! :rofl:

  23. Awesome,..........I prefer the verticle serrations & less roll marks on the GI
  24. To get back to the OP's question, I have a Rem. R1 with 1395 shots through it. The gun goes bang with every trigger pull and that includes ball, LSWC and the only hollowpoint I've tried, 230 gr Golden Sabre.

    My pistol can be picky as to magazines, all have fed, but some Metalforms will not hold the slide back after the last shot and will stick so I have to use a screw driver to get them out. I have 4 Remington mags and all have been 100% as have a couple of Wilsons.

    If I have one complaint, it's the series 80 trigger. In all fairness it has vastly improved over the 1395 rounds.

    So I can recommend the R1, but if you can find a Ruger SR1911 or Colt new roll marked 1991 I'd pick them.
  25. Exactly.
  27. Don't know why it'd be hard to believe. Like others you "assume" that you know me and make judgments about me without knowing me at all.:upeyes:

    Not sure that an "idiot scratch" is and my sig line listed my TWO current firearms, a S&W 642-2, 38spl and an ATI 1911GI-E. Not sure were you got three from.:dunno:

    You go do that now, we'd not want the poor thing to get hungry. :rofl:

  28. Novice? Ya think? :dunno:
  29. Occasionally :whistling:
    BTW the OD green while not true to the original looks ok on this model IMO.
  30. IF it were an O.D. Green Glock you'd have folks lined up to buy it.:supergrin:

  31. No,........
  32. Found sprinfield army range officer...jumped on it..wat a gorgeous gun..thanks for all the advice

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  33. Dang good choice,........:thumbsup:
  34. Great choice.
  35. i really like my R1......IMO its the best 600 and under 1911 on the market.....and its made in usa which for me is the only 1911 ill even look at....Its a tank and looks great and shoots straight

  36. Darn good news,.......I may get one in a year or so.
    How about a pic?
  37. I don't think you will get near the product support out of Remington that would from Springfield. Any entry level 1911 may need some tweaking and Springfield is good about taking care of their customers.
  38. Through personal experience (Including just recently with an r1 enhanced) I can say while Remington's customer service is not BAD.... It certainly is far from GOOD!
  40. That's why all the OD Glocks were selling for $300-350 until they were all gone. No one wanted one. So Glock flushed them. Then, when all the people who didn't want them to begin with realized that they were no longer available, once again due to piss poor sales, they became all the rage for collectors and their prices went through the roof.
  41. Now that I know what that is I can say that NO, it doesn't have one. I know how to remove and reinstall the slide stop on my guns. Think you need to look at pics of my gun a bit closer there pard.:whistling:
  42. I recently sold a standard R1 for financial reasons. I only put 550 rounds through it but I didn't have any problems with it. I liked it.