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remember my niece?

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more than a year ago i posted here about the medical condition of my new born niece. she has a rare disease that when she sleeps she stops breathing and also walang butas yung pwet nya. she was finnaly discharge from the hospital she now breath through a respirator when she sleeps. thanks for your prayers and support

this is her earliest picture.

after almost a year in the hospital na discharge 2 days before she turned one year old.
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I think that goes together (respiratory problems and the anus)

i was told by my mom that when she gave birth to me my lungs collapsed and wala nga butas pwet ko so i was in the hospital for a few months naka pasok ung tubo sa throat ko para mag inflate ng balloon and nilagyan ng butas pwet ko...WOW! how ironic...

i'm glad she's ok na...God bless!!
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