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Remember how they claimed Australia beat the Corona Virus?

  1. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/ar...-coronavirus-nation-begins-ease-lockdown.html

    Australia keeps smashing coronavirus: Six states and territories record ZERO new cases in 24 hours as active infections continue to plummet - and life begins to return to normal for millions of people in virus-free zones

    Well, not so fast


    What Lockdown 2.0 Looks Like: Harsher Rules, Deeper Confusion

    Australia’s second-largest city, Melbourne, grappling with a spiraling coronavirus outbreak in a country that once thought it had the pandemic beat, has now imposed some of the toughest restrictions in the world.

    But as officials cast about for ways to break the chain of infections, the city has become a confounding matrix of hefty fines for disobedience, minor exceptions for everything from romantic partners to home building, and endless versions of the question: So, wait, can I ____?

    Restaurant owners are wondering about food delivery after an 8 p.m. curfew began on Sunday night. Teenagers are asking if their boyfriends and girlfriends count as essential partners. Can animal shelter volunteers walk dogs at night? Are house cleaners essential for those struggling with their mental health? Can the Covid-tested exercise outside?

    “This is such a weird, scary, bizarro time that we live in,” said Tessethia Von Tessle Roberts, 25, a student in Melbourne who admits to having hit a breaking point a few days ago, when her washing machine broke.

    “Our health care workers are hustling around the clock to keep us alive,” she said.“Our politicians are as scared as we are, but they have to pretend like they have a better idea than we do of what’s going to happen next.”

    Pandemic lockdowns, never easy, are getting ever more confusing and contentious as they evolve in the face of second and third rounds of outbreaks that have exhausted both officials and residents. With success against the virus as fleeting as the breeze, the new waves of restrictions feel to many like a bombing raid that just won’t end.
  2. Further evidence that absent complete isolation or a vaccine, you are going to get it until natural resistance occurs. Maybe a drug that shows as a prophylaxis will show up, as is anecdotally claimed for HCQ that can keep you from getting it.

    Can a country stay locked down forever and survive?
  3. Thanks, China!

    Has it occurred to anyone that there are people deliberately spreading the virus?

    Man up, mask up, wash your d--n hands, get off of Tinder, and get back to work.
  4. Yep.

    We all have to have our exposure, there is no option.
  5. Yeah, basically every 20-something year old that thinks it's fake (or don't care) and the mask deniers. Most may not be malicious but they are definitely deliberate.
  6. Many places that "beat" it earlier are now not quite beating it any longer. Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, The Philippines, Hawaii, the list goes on and on.
  7. Totally understandable. You can slow it, but you can't stop it. It will do what it does.

    Let's hope it mutates to something benign.

    We're actually doing well with it here in the US. It's doing a medium paced burn through the population, without over-whelming the health-care system. Hopefully we'll be largely done with it soon.

    Don't wear masks, hug, get close to people, spread it around. Let's get this over with before the winter sets it.
  8. The whole point of the lockdown was to slow the spread so as to not overwhelm the hospitals. Somewhere along the line politicians and public health officials got it into their heads they could stop the flu.
  9. Shutdowns and masks are worthless.

    The sheep in this country have allowed them to destroy the economy for a lower death rate than legal habits like alchohol, smokes, and sugar products. Even if turned the most extreme sheep into mask Nazis that start shaming and lecturing people. Low information Americans.

    hospitals were so overwhelmed they were doing tik Tok videos all over the country. If ciur don't forget lying about positive cases to milk more federal funding.

    It's sad but true.
  10. The number of people that believe it can be stopped is staggering. It goes to show the powerful influence politicians have on people's opinions and beliefs.
  11. 60% of people here on GT believe in using masks. 60%. It's amazing how many people here on GT need to believe they can negotiate with sickness and death, and don't grasp we need to let it burn though the US population before winter hits.

    So if it's 60% here on GT, it's probably 95+% of the general population that aren't handling the reality of SARS-SoV2.
  12. NO

    My 2¢


  13. It's all good we can just stay chicken Little shut down until November - December or beyond then when the economy completely dies they can nationalize everything and tell all these little sheep where to work how to work and who to work for. Socialism.

    China is laughing.
  14. Just a reminder for the naive and over-confident, that a simple, single layer of cotton fabric, looped around your ears is actually going to stop a pandemic.

  15. Maybe their government is handing out $$$$ also.
  16. Masks aren't going to stop it. They will, with good hand hygiene & distancing, slow its spread. In retrospect this would have been a wiser choice than the widespread lockdowns.

    The thing people seem to NOT get about masks is that they don't protect the wearer but those around him. And not completely, but they do make a difference. I wear a mask in stores. My wife treats CoViD patients. I wash her scrubs. Do you want ME sneezing behind you at the checkout line?
  17. Yes, I do. If I haven't already had my exposure, I'd be fine with a sneeze near me.

    Low viral load. My immune system should defeat it without my getting sick.
  18. I think there are ways you can intentionally infect yourself if that is what you really want.
  19. lets all get infected and see who survives and for how long.
  20. I've thought about it. Not sure it's possible without sneaking into a hospital or something. Not gonna do that.

    Really, I'd think there's a high likelihood I've had my exposure to it.
  21. That's what's going to happen. There's no two ways about it.
  22. Maybe yes. Maybe no. I am pretty healthy, and don't worry about catching it. But I don't know what I might bring to someone else. And I have no idea what their risk levels are like.
  23. If it's not you, it will be someone else.
  24. Or the mask wearers who believe that a piece of cotton that can’t contain a fart or moisture from your breath is protecting them and ignore all the other steps, like distancing, hygiene...

    For the record I wear a mask in areas required or not possible to distance. I figure it hasnt been shown to actually hurt so even a 0.1% chance that it helps is ok by me.

    As people get out and try to return to normal they will get infected. In that manner it’s very much like the flu. If you don’t practice good hygiene you’re at risk.

    The other question is how many flu cases are going to get misdiagnosed as ChicomFluV19 in the coming months??
  25. Not pre covid
    Not post covid

    I don't care if you have something contagious or not, I've never been a big fan of getting someone else's snot on me
  26. My whole family, including myself have had the Covid after exposure in mid July. My wife and son were the sickest and I only had a few of the symptoms (fatigue, cough, loss of smell and taste). It started with my daughter and SIL who are both first responders and then ran through the family.

    We are waiting to see if we have built up any antigens against getting it again, but only time will tell. The virus can most certainly mutate just like the flu.
  27. I have a nagging feeling that the ChiComs are doing a bit more than laughing. They are observing our reaction and how
    government entities completely screwed up. From mixed messages and lies to the CDC not having anywhere near enough PPE.

    They are probably considering what sort of mayhem could be used to knock us down.
  28. Just for clarification. They’re checking your antibody level. That’s what provides protection. The “antigen” would be the actual virus.
  29. I distinctly remember that the hand wringers on this forum beating us upside the head with how "good" Australia was doing because they were reasonable, and shut everything down, and oh yeah, Orange Man Bad.

    I think we would all be a lot better off if we would just accept that this thing is going to HAVE to run it's course. All of this crap about stopping this virus is nonsense.
  30. Correct. CoViD 19 was a test run. The next virus out of China, perhaps this autumn, will be the real deal.
  31. And we’ve showed them just how easily we can be defeated from our president to the satchel mouthed knuckle draggers relying on Facebook and YouTube conspiracy theories as scientific information.
  32. "The Victoria police commissioner, Shane Patton, said a 38-year-old woman had also been charged with assault after attacking a police officer who had stopped her for not wearing a face mask."
    I heard that this type of behavior was Trump's fault, but he's not even their president. :dunno:
  33. If Australia records one new case they go bonkers and trace contacts, hunt them down and quarantine.

    A recent BLM protest was shutdown and the ringleaders were arrested.

    A black girl lied about where she went and she was hunted down and quarantined.

    No comparison to the US

  34. Good idea! Who is taking the bets? Who is going FIRST? LOL! I volunteer.......

  35. ....or how many spineless, easily manipulated, easily controlled citizens we have.
  36. Yep. And Democrats are even worse!
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  38. New tv series on Wednesday nights - Survivor: Corona Island.