Rem 870/ 7615 Side Folding M4 Telescoping Stock

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    Remington 870/7615 Side Folding M4 Telescoping Stock<o:p></o:p>
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    This stock was designed to be the strongest, toughest Remington 870/7615 stock on the market. It will support the weight of the front tire on a full size pickup truck. It will withstand the recoil from hundreds of rounds of 12ga 3&#8221;magnum buckshot & slugs. This unit includes the stock, buffer tube, locking nut, side folding housing & pistol grip, specifically designed to fit the Remington 870 and 7615 Patrol Rifle . It also fits the 742, 7400, 7600 Remington Rifles. It locks up solid (open & closed)as the folding housing unit & arm are made of STEEL, not plastic. <o:p></o:p>
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    This five position telescoping stock has two storage compartments with O-ring sealed screw-in caps. The storage compartments are water tight and will hold two AA or three 123 Lithium batteries in each side. The stock features an ergonomic cheek piece that fits and feels great against the shooter&#8217;s face. The stock has a non-slip hard rubber butt plate and three places to attach a sling, one on bottom, a slot through the stock, and a sling swivel in the middle which can be moved to either side. The aluminum recoil buffer tube and storage compartment caps are powder coated in a matte black finish.

    It allows a multi-position Length of Pull to fit all users. LOP from 11.5 to 16".
    It shortens the length of the weapon by 9 1/2 " when closed.
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    These stocks carry our LIFETIME Warranty, but are built tough enough so that you never have to use it!!<o:p></o:p>
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    Retail Price $177.00 Call 800-972-6390

    LE/Military Discounts Apply.

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