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For Quick Sale or Trade:

One (1) Remington Model 700 ADL Varmint Bolt Action .308 caliber, with multiple upgrades/accessories.

1. Rifle: Remington Model 700 ADL Varmint Bolt Action .308 Winchester, with 26" heavy barrel,
2. Stock: H-S Precision stock,
3. Scope: eXplore 10-40x50 SF Scope with 30mm Tube TTT, 1/4” click R6BM,
4. Scope Base: Sniper Central 45 MOA Scope Base,
5. Scope Rings: Burns Low XTR Scope Rings,
6. Trigger: Timney Trigger,
7. David Tubbs Speedlock Bolt System,
8. Magazine: M4 Flush Mount Magazine (w/ 1one (1) 10-round Magazine and one (1) 5-round Magazine, and
9. Harris Bi-Pod.

$2,131.15 Total Build Cost.

Will Sell for $1,200 cash or Trade (Springfield Armory M1A Scout or Loaded in .308 Winchester or two basic issue AR15s or what have you ??). This is a face-to-face sale (cash only) or trade. I am in the Central Texas area (Temple, Taylor, Waco area). This is a tremendous savings on a ready-to-shoot, long distance rifle. Tested and accurate to 1,000 meters (could go further but our local range only goes out to 1,000 meters). Less than 200 rounds downrange. Stop wasting time, here's a shooter you can begin to enjoy today! Buyer must have valid Driver's License or other government ID and sign Sales Receipt attesting to no prohibitions to his/her purchasing a firearm in Texas.
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