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    I wanted to comment on the current situation in the Religious Issues forum, but I'd rather that it wasn't seen as fanning the flames. I'm not sure of the intent behind the recent wholesale closing of threads, but it seems clear that the result has been to increase the level of conflict rather than calming things down.

    It's undeniable that the mood of the particular sub-forum has been harsh lately, but this isn't the first time it's happened either. For quite some time there was a sticky specifically about the conflicts and the possibility of closing the forum, which generated both increased politeness among the posters and , IMHO, a greater sense of understanding between people of different viewpoints. Clearly, that understanding has been slipping away.

    I'd hate to see the forum closed, or restricted to the point that more than a post or two in any thread leads to closure, but the recent wholesale closure of threads doesn't make much sense either. Most of the direct conflict and impoliteness is generated from a very few people, and it would seem that messaging them privately would have had far less of a negative impact than the public confrontations and unexplained closure of threads which hadn't sunk to the level of bickering.

    While some threads end in nothing more than name calling, others seem to have been shut down because of one or two poorly conceived posts, while others were still attempting to carry on civil conversation. The net effect is to stifle all conversation.

    I realize it's entirely possible that handling things privately has been attempted, but as I'm one of the more active posters in the forum and I haven't received any private messages it just seems that things could be handled in a less disruptive manner.

    As one poster in a still ongoing thread has pointed out, this forum has value because it offers an opportunity for those of differing faiths, including those who reject faith outright, a place for discussion which is seldom available as most message boards tend to pick a specific viewpoint to support rather than the moderate position I've encountered here.