Religion In The Woods

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    There were two boys who went fishing with their dad one day. It
    was the first time they ever went fishing and they had a lot of
    fun. The next day they begged their dad to take them out fishing
    again, but he said he had to go to work. So, the boys pleaded
    with him to let them go alone and promised to be careful. Their
    father said they could go alone but they had to be back before
    dark. Though the boys were alone, they had a very successful day
    and caught many fish. Finally, dusk arrived and the boys wanted
    to get home before dark. They were very excited to show their
    parents the dozens of trout and mackerel in their fishing

    They were part way home when they saw a bear ahead in the road.
    The two boys looked at the bear and the bear looked at the two
    boys. Then the boys took off running. They looked back and the
    bear was gaining on them, so they dropped their fish hoping the
    bear would stop - it didn't. The bear wanted to eat the boys.
    They realized they couldn't outrun the bear and being the good
    Christian boys they are, they knelt down and prayed.

    They prayed, "Please God let this be a religious bear... Please
    God let this be a religious bear..."

    When the bear reached the boys he stopped, knelt down and said,
    "Dear Lord, please, bless this food I am about to eat..."