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Reliability of G27 40-9 conversion

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I'm having difficulty concealing my G19; I'm a thinner guy that doesn't wear oversized clothing. I'm considering a G26 but a friend at the local gun shop brought up the idea of the 40-9 (and 357) conversion for the G27. Sounds like a great idea on the surface; 3 guns for the price of one (plus barrels). I would most likely do the conversion so I can carry my G19 mags as backup. Plus 9mm ammo is cheaper than .40 and .357. This also gives me the option of have multiple calibers if the price of 9mm were to go above .40.

My question is (if you haven't already figured it out from the title), how reliable are those conversions? I understand the barrel is an easy swap. Would the .40 extractor be reliable with a 9mm round? And what about the magazines loading a 9mm round in a frame expecting a .40?

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I have a Storm Lake 9mm conversion barrel for my G27 and G33. I've fired many hundreds of rounds through each gun using that barrel and have yet to experience any kind of problem. The 9mm magazines work just fine in the G27/33.

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I also shoot .357 Sig and 9mm from my G27.

Never a hiccup of any kind, ever.

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Had the G27 and the 40 - -9 barrel from LWD.

Never a problem and ONLY sold it because I thought it was too bulky for CCW (WHICH IT IS!!!!!!!!!)

Going to get a Kahr CM9 instead!

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