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I guess I'll do what the new website suggests and re-introduce myself. I'm 37, married with 3 kids: girl 7, boy 9, boy 11. Growing up, the only shooting I did was with BB guns, and occasionally we would get to shoot my grandfather's single-shot 22LR rifle. Looking back, I don't remember ever being given any instruction or supervision - we just took it down to the creek to shoot at cans and such. No eyes, no ears. It's a wonder nobody got hurt, honestly.

I wasn't really interested in firearms until after I started a family. My brother was visiting from out of state, and he brought the Glock 22 that he had bought to protect his family. He and his family lived near Dallas, so I suppose arming himself was the prudent thing to do. Anyway, we shot at cans, and I remember I was a pretty poor shot. In hindsight, I was jerking the trigger and anticipating the recoil, as most new shooters would do naturally, without any instruction. So I thought that was pretty fun, but what really got me hooked was when he got a job that allowed him to move back. That was not too long after the 94 AWB sunset so he built an AR15. Boy, shooting that sucked me into the gun world for good. It wasn't long until I bought his Glock 22, and the rest is history.

Although I have rifles and enjoy shooting them, I much prefer the challenge of shooting pistols. I'm nowhere near a high-volume shooter, but I do try to make it to IDPA once or twice a month, and I make it to the range from time to time in addition to that. I started reloading a couple of years ago, primarily as a way to be less reliant on gun stores or WalMart and more reliant on myself. Over time I've figured out that I enjoy reloading about as much as I enjoy shooting, perhaps a little more. It's something I can do for as little or as much time as I want, without having to block off somewhere between 2 and 8 hours for a range outing, which an be difficult with the busy life that comes with a young family. It allows me to get my "gun fix" pretty much whenever I want, even if I just have 30 minutes free.

Ok, I've droned on long enough.
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Don't you just love it when machines control your behavior?
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