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Regulator on the grill crapped out

  1. I went out to start my Holland grill and no flame output. Checked the thank and plenty of fuel so I grabbed some wrenches and took the regulator off and no fuel flow. :fist::steamed::fist: Searching the net for a new regulator but I'm going to check my local suppliers first.

    Kielbasa does not taste the same when cooked on the stove.

  2. If it's a gas stove it does...

  3. Not on my stove. I like the crunchy skin from when it's cooked on the grill. I used the boil it in water recipe.

  4. Get your cast iron pan on medium to medium/high and treat it the same as if it's on your grill. I don't boil sausage. It's takes a lot of tending in the pan because there is no cool spot to move it off to but it will get the skin crisp all the same.
  5. Did you try telling it:
  6. No, but I bounced it on the floor a couple of times!
  7. Did it hit the east side of the l.b.c.?
  8. Don't regulators have some kind of resettable safety cutoff?
  9. If the regulator on my grill crapped out, I'd be dead.

    I am the master of the flame and keeper of time.

    Otherwise, might as well drag the oven out of the kitchen and put it outside.

  10. No, the tanks have OPD valves and also won't work unless attached. The second stage attached to the grill just controls the flow. If it rusts out it's deadlined.
  11. I always try ebay too. Bought some headlight motor parts for exactly 1/2 what any of the parts houses wanted and they will probably here in a few days and normally shipping is free
  12. :cow:
  14. :dog:Following me around and sniffing me again
  15. :dog:You get a good sniff too?
  16. OK, ended up doing the procedure twice. First time didn't get much flame, redid the procedure the second time and the grill is burning again. I will have to start it again and see if it will come up to temp.

    Thanks @Kevinr20 for the tip.
  17. Good info

  18. Still smells like burnt stupid.
  19. This grill has some kind of special regulator?
    Home Depot, Lowes, Ace all carry gas grill regulators.
  20. Pretty much a common grill regulator. I have small local stores I will use first. Hell, I can get it on Amazon for 10 - 12 bucks but I prefer to support my local people when ever possible.
  21. That happens with my grill if I turn off the tank and forget to turn off the burners. To fix, I make sure the tank is off and disconnect. Open up the burner valves and let sit for a few minutes. Then close burner valves, hook up the tank, open tank valve first then open burner valves to light position and light them. Problem solved.
  22. I agree with that.

    We have virtually no locally owned hardware stores here.
  23. I didn't know grills have a regulator.

    My regulator looks like this.
  24. Close but no ceegar. Looks like this Hannie.

  25. I might have done this. My habit is to turn the tank off first and then turn off the burner. I may have left the burner on the last time.
  26. There ain't no stinkin regulator on my charcoal grill :grill:
  27. You are missing an entire second stage.
  28. Yeah, there is. Its just more primitive... old skool way.
    You turn your venting up and down and regulate the fire/heat...lol

    I prefer charcoal myself as well. Nuffin better! ;)
  29. #0 Cat Surprised.gif
  30. That is the hose that plugs into the bc. The bc inflation hose has a built in 2nd stage that serves as a back up.
  31. So far I am not having any luck with my local suppliers. I have a few more to check with.
  32. Cyclon 300/3000. No “safe Second/octopus”, trying to get rid of a buddy?
  33. Buy an adjustable one... mine crapped out shortly after I bought my gas grille and the adjustable one I replaced it with is superior and has lasted years. I crank it up when using my side burner to light my charcoal chimney starter and it takes seconds instead of minutes.
  34. I don't have a side burner so I will more than like go with an unadjustable regulator.

  35. I hope you never have to try and use that nonsense. Trying to breath off that gimmick while doing a controlled ascent under duress is a disaster in the making. If you don't get the hose to the highest point air won't escape the BC and that's gonna be hard if you've got it in your mouth. You'll look like a Polaris missile breaching the surface.

    Seriously, get rid of that crap.
  36. Yep, I've had issues turning my grill on in the wrong order.

    Also, I've had trouble sometimes with attaching the hose to the tank.. if you don't put it on tight enough, it won't open the inner valved on the tank.

    I have never had a regulator valve go "bad". I don't know if it is luck, or that I use the grill multiple times a week so that keeps it working correctly.
  37. Had my regulator bust the other week. Fortunately, my wife smelled it as soon as I opened the tank. I swear that woman's got a nose like a coonhound. Got a new one, but finally had the excuse to get one that wasn't a quick release valve attachment. Not a fan of those.
  38. Is this the guy that works at your store??
  39. I wish!!
  40. It's built into the bc inflator hose.

    The bc has a valve at the top that bleeds air when you pull on the inflator hose.


    I do too. Daddy says I got it from Mommy.
  41. As I recall the Poseidon Cyclon regulators have a higher IP than most other manufacturers, and can cause a free flow on 2nd stages not set for the IP. If the 2nd stage is set for the Cyclon, it will be a low volume/hard breather with other manufacturers first stages.

    I had a auto buoyancy Dacor BCD with a regulator that failed open with a Cyclon 300 with pretty bad results.

    One of the nice things about Poseidon 2nd stages is that they work well as a primary or secondary because of the symmetry (right/left - and no upside down).

    There are real “downsides” to give up your primary and switching to a secondary -particularly a BCD regulator while controlling buoyancy. A longer hose secondary given to (or accessed by) the OOA diver is a better option.

  42. Great idea, pull down on the hose that's in your mouth while you're breathing on it during an emergency ascent. Dump that gimmicky ass crap and get a proper second stage regulator so you don't drown yourself and your buddy.
  43. Kielbasa (Kowalski) taste best when cooked in a Greenegg with lump charcoal........
  44. This is what I use.

  45. You should turn the burner off first - then shut off the tank.

    You may have tripped the the excess flow valve built into your regulator.

    The regulator is more than likely not bad - just needs to be reset.

  46. That silly crap is nothing but a liability.

    As mentioned above that Zeagle is going to be low performance at best coupled with your 1st stage and the whole idea of breathing of your LP inflator hose is a huge safety issue