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Registering new domain name , which service to use?

  1. Alright computer guys/gals.....

    I'm starting an internet based business and need to register a domain name.

    There are about 10,000 different companies (well, seems that way) that do this. Register.com. GoDaddy.com. Yahoo.com. Which one is the best deal. My requirements are:

    1. Register the new domain name (the name I want is identified as "available")
    2. Multiple web page presence
    3. Email - probably less than 10 addresses
    4. Merchant account - ability to take MC/Visa
    5. Prefab / easy to self build web pages. Might customize in the future but will start with the "easy-to-build" prefab webpages.

    Finally, if I choose one service then later find a better, can I transfer the domain name or am I stuck with my first choice? Is there a particular service I should AVOID?

  2. Well, I recently used godaddy to register a domain for my upcoming wedding. They seemed to offer a lot of the stuff you are interested in. I am pretty sure you can move domains around from register to register. One thing I did was to forward and mask my domain. In other words, I already had webspace, but w/o a good domain. This allowed me to use my new domain w/o godaddy services. So, if you do like them you can use them, and if you don't like godaddy's services at worst you can forward the domain to whatever service you ultimately choose.
  3. I've been using both 1 and 1 that I got for free for 3 years through here, good stuff so far now that the free term ended. I also have been using network solutions with no problems and quick response to technical issues, etc. Did not price around when I signed up for both.