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Regional Food Question?

  1. A while back, a guy from our town was visiting relatives in NYC. He said a steak up there was uber expensive and a lot of it was fat. By expensive, im talking at least three times as much as youd expect to pay for a steak in nebraska. Guessing somewhere between $25-$40 for maby an 8 oz steak as to where we would pay around $10.00 in a resturant.

    (He shipped them some steak from a local butcher shop and they were astonished because they thought it would have costed hundreds)

    Well I was curious, How much does a lobster, crab or sea food dinner cost you folks that live out by the coast? We dont really get a lot of sea food options here in nebraska, Red lobster is about it really.

    A lobster dinner as somewhere around $25 if I remember correctly.

    So how do the prices of different foods stack up across the U.S.A.?
  2. I'm curious to know as well.

    We had some friends visit from NYC a few years ago, and they ranted and raved over the quality of the pork and beef here in the midwest, and they took some home with them in a freezer bag.

    Main lobster is only something I can dream about.
  3. anyone?
  4. You can have some shipped..



    The room isn't handsome, street-slick, or even particularly welcoming. It recalls the kind of establishment that sports a banner running from beam to beam every year proclaiming !oktoberfest! The patrons may have come here straight from their booths at the Javits Center. The staff goes about its nonstop business with cordial if mechanical efficiency, serving onion-and-tomato salads, creamed spinach, and pasty fried potatoes. So why is it always more crowded than Toys 'R' Us on the weekend before Christmas? Because there are few gastronomic sensations that confirm the good life better than a hunk of a spectacular steak. And Peter Luger can broil and deliver one magnificently aged and marbleized two-finger-thick porterhouse after another with the unfailing certainty of Dustin Hoffman adenoidally reciting baseball scores. So don't even ask for a menu. Get big. Eat beef. — Hal Rubenstein

    Apply for your own Peter Luger credit card, or bring cash.

    Recommended Dishes
    Steak for two, $81; steak for three, $124.50; steak for four, $166; creamed spinach, $8.95; sizzling canadian bacon, $2.95/slice
  5. Seafood prices in the Pacific Northwest are pretty reasonable for crab and salmon. There is a restaurant in Seattle called the Crabpot. Always a long line but once you are inside you get a feast poured out on your table for a fair price.
    The midwest rules for steak in my opinion. I imagine Texas is good too.
    Lobster in Maine is not cheap but it is goooood.

  6. Holly great gods of the cow!!!

    I could literally FILL my freezer with home grown corn fed cow for the price you pay for about 10 of your steaks.

  7. So whats a fair price, thats what im curious of.
  8. Prices for the feasts start at 15.95 a person and go up to 34.95 a person. We usually get the 24.95 a person feast "The Westport". It is loaded up with Crab, Shrimp, Clams and Mussels. They cook and load your table according to the number of people you bring. We took two friends visiting from Japan. You should have seen their eyes when they poured the food out onto the table. No leftovers that night.
  9. The quality of beef and pork in rural areas in the midwest, from local butcher shops, is vastly superior to what is normally found in CA unless you go to a 4-star steakhouse.

    Here in socal we have much better availability and pricing on good fruits and vegatables year round than much of the midwest; probably because the wintertime south american imports come through here on their way to the rest of the country.
  10. so how much is a steak at a 4* resturant there?
  11. In FL I can stuff myself with huge butterflied shrimp and fries and a salad with sweet tea for $12.95 any day of the week. It gets a little cheaper on the coast.
  12. I would love to see that part of the country for that reason alone. I've heard the fruits and veggies don't even taste the same as those we get here. Something about the natural sugars?

    I've heard the there strawberries are to die for.
  13. I lived in Western Canada last year. We could not afford to buy cheese or chicken because it was so expensive. Here in Georgia, we eat chicken just about every day.

    Hot dogs were also hard to find where we lived in Canada. Sometimes you would have to go to 2-3 stores to find hot dogs and a pack of buns.

    Salmon, on the other hand, was plentiful......and cheap.

  14. do you remember how much the chicken and cheese was?
  15. In Houston, TX, one of the restaurant capitals of the US, and plenty of really good, and $$$$$$ type steakhouses, you will pay from $30 to $50 for steaks. 8 oz filet $30'ish and the big porterhouse in the $50 range. This is at the better "name" places. It is really good meat, too, all Prime stuff. At most of these places those are the prices for the steak only, usually, all the sides are separately priced.
    Seafood is abundant and really runs the gamut depending on the type of place you go to. At the nicer places, local Gulf seafood entrees will run in the $20/25 range. It really varies on the place you are in. But, you can get anything from maine lobster to Cajun, to Mexican, to Frenchy fancy continental with three little shrimps on a big plate in a white wine reduction sauce with truffle.....you know, all for only $45. Cajun chain restaurant, pretty good stuff, big platters of cajun seafood, take home baggy, for $25. Or, all the Tex-Mex enchiladas, rice and beans you can eat for $6.99.
  16. yeah, about three times what we normally paid here in Georgia.

  17. Ill stick to my 1 1/2" thick ribeye from the local butcher. Hard to beat for $7-$8 on the charcoal grill.

  18. :shocked:

    I work for a meat and provision delivery company, and I get my meats for less than whole sale price. Beef is pretty fresh, usually with a pack date of less than 5 days, and chicken is maybe a day or two. This guy's pricing is INSANE! For what he charges for 6.5 pounds of strip steak, I can buy 50 pounds, and cut it myself to whatever thickness I want! Creamed spinach for $8.95? A can of it at the grocery store is under $2.

    How's this for pricing?

    Strip steak- $4.50/lb
    Denuded Flap meat (steak tips)- $4.25/lb
    Whole peeled tender (fillet mignon)- $7.50/lb
    Top sirloin- $2.95/lb
    RIBEYE- $5.79/lb

    And most of it comes from packing facilities in Iowa, Nebraska, and Wisconson.

    Thanks Peter Luger, but I'll just use my employee discount at my work! :wavey:
  19. Is chicken there the same in nebraska? About $4 for a whole chicken?

    so 12-16 bucks a chicken in canada, wow.

    Did they have KFC there?
  20. Shrimp is about $3-$3.50/lb on the Gulf Coast. I eat a lot of shrimp.

    In Seattle I like Chinooks up in Magnolia, very good and fresh. Figure $10-$20 for salmon and chowder.

    Steaks are what they are. A top end place will have good meat, or it won't stay in business long. I usually end up paying $30 (without booze) just about anywhere good.
  21. Thats pretty fair pricing, how much for groung 80/20?
    Generally around $1.88 a lb here.
  22. I'm in Maine. An organization I belong to has a Summer Lobster Cookout every year. A couple of guys have relatives with Lobster boats on the coast and travel down to buy direct off the boat. Regular 1.5 lb lobsters were $7 each, we bring back 150 and boil 'em up.

    I'm not a big fan of ocean roaches (like a underwater buzzard) so I grill a steak from the local market. About ten years ago that started 'em wanting steak and lobster....
  23. figure a nice 8oz rib eye steak is about $8 cdn at the grocery store.... chicken is fairly exepensive, say $10 for 2-3 skinless/boneless breasts..... at Kentucky Fried Chicken a 10 pack of just chicken costs $18.99, steak dinner in a restaurant for a nice 8 oz isaround $16-$20 cdn.

  24. That shrimp is CHEAP!!

    We pay $8-$10 for shrimp here in nebraska and its the frozen crap.
  25. Holy Bazooka JOE!!!

    The chicken is outrageous there!!!!!

  26. My company has the contract for delivering to KFC's here in New England. I don't know about Canada, but you wouldn't believe how much they pay for thier chicken here! On today's invoice for a KFC I delivered to on the North Shore in Mass:

    8 pc. marinated chicken was $.8409/lb
    Dark meat was $.5293/lb
    (F'd if I know what the fractions of a penny are for)

    And they average about 50 lbs per case.

  27. Don't know, but I'll find out tomorrow when I order some 85/15 :supergrin:
  28. I don't have a plethora of wonderful things to say about SE CT. But, the seafood is significantly above average in quality, and below average in price. We see lobsters as low as $3.99/lb on occasion. Rock crabs are around a buck and a half each. Mussels are $2.99/lb, oysters are $10/doz, steamers are $2/lb, littlenecks are $5/doz.
    Fresh flounder, cod, and haddock are around $6/lb. Sword and the best scallops ever are $12. Yellowfin is $14. Squid is $2.99.

    Tonight's menu was rice flour dusted calamari with ginger-wasabi sauce and watercress. This was followed by Littlenecks in a parmesan, piquillo pepper, and italian sausage cream with rustic italian bread for dipping. I'm finishing the leftover sauvignon blanc as I type.
  29. Are you talking the prices one pays in a restaurant or does that include the price in grocery stores?

    Let's just say that I'm within driving distance to Chicago if I want dinner there, but I live in a different state. ;) I straddle both worlds when it comes to being able to get good food at the store or at an upscale place. In town here at the ancient and uber cool steak house that is located within the ghetto (seriously, it was there before it became a ghetto) you pay $40 for the tenderloin filet--and no, it's not filet mignon, but it is the size of a small child's head and will last you for days--AND it's ALWAYS cooked to perfection.

    As for store prices, well, I just picked up some filet mignon for 21.99 a lb. I also snagged some huge crab legs today for a special of $8.99 a lb.

    I've eaten steak from NY to CA and I, too, find it lacking on both coasts. There's something about the Midwest where we demand and expect good steak. I've also had the vaunted Maine lobster and it wasn't all that. The frozen stuff is just as good here and the price is pretty much the same. I think the whole East Coast lobster thing is fast becoming a myth, especially since lobster comes from all over the world now.

    Also, the Midwest is big on bakery, everything from varied cakes to bread, all made fresh. When I've traveled to other parts of the country, notably CA, there seems to be alot less in the way of appreciation for good bakery. NYC does appreciate good bakery and you can find some good stuff there, but in CA it must be a health thing or something the way they are averse to it. At least the Mexicans are good at baking otherwise CA wouldn't have anything.

    And God forbid you want to get hot ham and rolls on Sunday morning in anywhere but Wisconsin. Regional yes, but oh so good!
  30. I think that the price of Lugar's beef is driven way up by the wet aging process used to make the beef so tender and tasty. Wet aging usually takes 28-30 days, and is done in tightly controlled conditions of temperature and humidity. Fresh beef will be good to eat, but not heavenly.
  31. Hey man, your making me drool!!!

    If any of you want to send me some fresh sea food via ups, I would gladly exchange that for a nice cut of usda steak.

    Offers open to anyone on the coast!

  32. Thats nuts man!

    The baking part. There are lots of old polish and czech and bohemian ladies here that can bake up a storm!
  33. About the same price as any other major metropolitan area in the US, $30+ just for the steak, the sides are separate and they'll get you $10 for a pile of green beans.
    That's what you can expect at a fancy restaurant, high prices and small portions with a wine list that has bottles that cost more than what I make in a weeks wages.
  34. Offer is still open for an exchange of fresh sea food for fresh steak to all of you coastal people.
  35. Being located in the heart of production has it's advantages.
    The coasts also have a higher immigrant population, there are 100X as many Mexican restaurants in socal as there are steakhouses. We have good Thai food, and every other ethnic food imaginable though.

    We have little specialty bakeries, but certainly lots more panaderias. There are also the various other ethnic bakeries that sell all sorts of great fresh baked breads and pastries. It's not like they are on every street corner like Starbucks however.

    I am a big bread fan, I love all types of bread except for pan baked bread; I need a crust. I work in a large commercial bakery that makes all types of specialty breads. That has spoiled me so much, I almost require bread that's hot from the oven (regular breads: rye, sourdough, sheepherders, pumpernickle, Italian rolls, baguettes, that kind of thing)

    Oh yeah:
    Red meat is like totally bad for you, you should only eat soy. Besides, meat is murder, are those leather shoes you're wearing!
    Bread is like all carbs, and they will make you fat. If I gain any more weight you won't be able to see the ribs in my chest through a sweater. :rofl:
  36. You forgot something important, if its from Cal, It may cause cancer!
  37. I'm surprised they haven't mandated Prop-65 (cancer warning) tattoos on everybody's foreheads yet.

    There are substances known to cause cancer present in detectable amounts in my body, I just ate some red meat and had a cigarette.
  38. I figure that in NYC, you are going to pay more for almost everything, just because it is NYC.
  39. True. That's one thing about CA, great Asian food. I always get sushi when in CA because it's ubiquitous but I never get it back in the Midwest. I wouldn't trust it to be fresh here.
  40. I think it really depends on the restaurant you go to... You can go to somewhere like Red Lobster and get a lobster meal for like... $30?

    We went to this one expensive restaurant for a sales meeting, the market price for whole lobster that night was $10/oz.
  41. Probably the best steak i ever had was at Ralph and kacoos in Shreveport and it was under $20 if Im not mistaken.

    As for seafood...depends largely on where you go. Its not too far out there though.
  42. If im not mistaken it's mostly flash frozen in Japan and flown over.

    I can tell you for a fact that it's fresh enough...because I eat it as much as possible. Id eat it every day if I could afford it...and Mt Fuji in Texarkana has the best sushi chef for 100+ miles.
  43. my two favorite places I have ever eaten steak are Alfreds in San Francisco


    And the Golden Steer Las Vegas
    Golden Steer
    308 West Sahara Avenue
    Las Vegas, NV 89102-5010
    (702) 384-4470
  44. The last time I had a great Kansas City Strip was at Johnny's on "O" street in Omaha. The only way you are going to get a great steak in Charlotte is at the high dollar places like Mortons or Ruth Chris. Then you have to get a bank loan for it. Damn, I sure do miss Nebraska beef.:drool: