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Refurbished LE Trade In Glock Pistols

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I came across a sports store online that is selling refurbished LE trade in Gen 2 G22 Glock pistols for a very good price. They come with a box and (1) magazine.
I like the Gen 5 because it doesn't have finger grooves. But, the refurbished Gen 2 is almost half the price of a Gen 5. And, being it doesn't have a rail doesn't bother me at all. So, this seems like the gun for me.
Any input on the procedure in which Glock refurbishes its guns is really appreciated.
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I have a couple, both Gen 2 Glock-19's, all parts are inspected and anything needed replacing was, both appeared brand new in the box, but the Tupperware said, REFURBISHED, no problems at all.

Its your choice all Glocks are used out of the box after the first round go's off.

We have some at our local Police supply, as new in the box, un issued.
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