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refurbished by glock 22...good price???

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I just bought today a refurbished Glock22 (circa 1994 serial BDS) for $499.
I got 3 brand new mags. loader, new box, cleaning kit, and pistol.
Is this a good price?
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I would say it was.
New price 430 for a gen 4, its all about what your looking for i guess.
From what I know about Glocks in MA, I would say yes. Here in Texas that isn't a deal. It's all relative to where you are.
Is a Glock made in 1994 legal in Ma. only because it was made before a ban went into effect?
Not really a good price here in Kansas but may be in your Area of Mass. I could buy a new one at LGS and have about $30 leftover.
CDNN has gen 2 for 325-50 range, so in my area not a good deal. But it's already done so just enjoy it.
My opinon if your happy with the deal and think you got a good price for your area. Then that is all that really matters in the end. I be one of the first to say grats on your new Glock 22.
Based upon what I know of the MA laws I would think that you did good. Plus you purchased a great gun - can't beat the 22. And it's a Gen2 - even better! Congratulations.
Is a Glock made in 1994 legal in Ma. only because it was made before a ban went into effect?
Yes the cut off date is sometime in 1998
It's not a deal here. Ican get 'em all day long for $450 new in the box. Where you are? I dunno.
I forgott about the MA ban, so all things consider I think its a good deal since you have a limited supply of glocks that can be sold in your state thanks to your AG/
Funny how many will say they can get these cheap Glocks but when I was looking I sure did not find them. In my area new Glocks are running almost $600 bucks with 3 mags. I could not find a cheap price on used either. Congratulations.
In the People's Republic of Maryland, where gun shops aren't super common but regulations are, that's not a bad deal for all that you got.
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