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Yes, I thought this might go in the Gunsmithing forum too, but the GS forum reads "Gun related problems & maintenance issues & questions.", and probs & issues is all I saw members posting there. So I figured maybe I can address your "refinish" projects here too.

Here is a useful sturdy stand you can use to spray paint or apply tru-oil onto your stripped rifle stocks without touching it. The other alternative to this that I always see on youtube are guys who hang their rifle by a wire from their ceiling with it bobbing around. It's fast & easy, but has it's disadvantages that are unacceptable to me.

My photo shows a black iron base with a pipe screwed into it. The 1/2" pipe turns a full 360° circle into that base allowing the stock to be swung left and right as you work on it. The stock can also be turned up, down, or sideways at whatever angle or position you want. You place a short rod through the hole at the trigger area to serve as a handle. (see photo) That way you can rotate or swing the stock into whatever position you want without touching the wet paint or tru-oil while you work on it as it dries. The rifle is held up horizontally via using a 1/4" x 5" hanger-bolt screwed about 2.5" deep into the screw-hole of the butt-plate. This enables you to simply slip the stock onto or off of the vertical pipe via the wingnut, if you want to hold the stock. Because most of you will not find a stand with a black base like mine, (It was a parrot stand) I included a photo of a $3 tapped flange plate you can buy at Lowe's to easily make a base. Screw that flange onto a 24" wood plyboard square. HomeD and Lowes will both sell you a pre-cut 1/2" pipe that you can extend as desired with a coupling, or they will custom cut & thread you a pipe to the length you want. Simply used a 1/4" x 6" 57¢ carriage bolt, sawing the head off of it. (and then I threaded the bald exposed end with a tap) You can probably also just buy a small length of 1/4" thread rod at Lowe's and use that instead.

So what do ya think? Helpful tool & decent idea maybe?? (This is my 3rd stock I'll be completing with it)

stripped Rem700BDL stock.JPG

Photo above; My stripped 1970 Remington BDL stock being refinished in photos below;


Slip a rod through the trigger bolt-hole as a handle to be able to rotate the stock on its axis up down or sideways, or be able to push the stock around in a 360 circle from right to left.


Bottom photo; Put black electrical tape on the pipe so you don't accidentally ding the wood stock whenever you take it on and off the pipe.
Drill a larger hole then the 1/4" bolt so the bolt slips into the pipe on and off quickly.
The bunch of 1/4" nuts simply act as a spacer. I have a lock washer there too against the nut & pipe to hold the rifle firm at any position when the wing-nut is made only hand tight.

rifle stick with .25 x 5inch Hanger bolt.JPG
Photo below; Because you likely don't have a parrot-stand with a black base like shown in these photos, buy this $3 flange at Lowe's and screw it to a 24" square wood board to serve as your base. Put teflon or grease on the pipe threads so the vertical pipe rotates 360 easily in the flange.
metal I.P. floor flange.jpg


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Great idea, I have been doing it old school for years now. I have areas in my work shop where I hang wet parts in front of the heat lamp for curing.

Nice job, very effective.
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