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Recommend me a good flashlight for the car.

  1. Need a light to keep in the car. Was thinking about buying an Olight M21, and putting my M20 in the car, but figured I'd ask here.

    Want the brightest I can get, with adjustable settings. Preferably powered by 123's. Size isn't really an issue since it will be kept in the car.

    All suggestions appreciated.

  2. Well, I was going to suggest a 3D maglight. I've carried one for many years and it's heavy enough to make a damn good head knocker if needed.
    It sounds like you are wanting something a little fancier though. lol
  3. For the car?

    Anything Bayco makes. I've come to the conclusion that they are the best "all-purpose" flashlight out there.

    (This is coming from a guy w/ over $3k in Surefires.) :embarassed:


    Flood on the front, 20 LED lamp on the side w/ two intensity settings.


  4. These are hard to beat. I bought a pack of three, went home and tried them out and went back and got two more packs. They can light up the night and the price is right.

  5. I got a Dorcy light at Orchard Supply Hardware that plugs into the cig lighter. I think it is a capacitor rather than battery power storage because it is pretty light for its size. Powerful but not blinding bright. Good for general around the car use. It charges up in 30 minutes or so of driving. It charges faster if you top it off more frequently. I like it because there are no batteries to change.


    It is probably not a good light if you just want to drop it in and forget about it. I won't be putting one in the wife's car because she would never think to charge it up.
  6. fenix pd20
  7. I like my 6D mag light, makes an even better head knocker if needed, and the output of light is pretty good.
  8. I have a 5.11 Light for Life mounted in the new work Expedition. I like it. Works well so far. And a 90 second recharge is frickin awesome.

    ETA - 5.11 says that it doesn't hurt it to stay in the charger and plugged in, so I just leave it plugged in all the time, ready to go.


    Mounted vertically, right where the center console meets the dash. Looks something like this, but not quite as obtrusive as it seems. (Quick photoshop job, its late, and I didn't want to go outside for a pic)

  9. I'll stack it up against my Surefire E1E Executive any day of the week as far as light output goes.


    I'm sorry, but Maglite needs to step it up before they roll over and die. When you can get the same amount (or more) light out of something 1/15th the size and a menial fraction of the weight...well, something just isn't adding up. :whistling:
  10. +1

    Good china cheap truck/car light and tac light. Very bright
  11. Yeah, but it would take all day to beat someone senseless with that puny thing! Real men carry lead-filled aluminum pipes!
  12. Olight and Fenix make great lights or you can get a malkoff maglite drop in and use it as a backup weapon.:whistling:
  13. Yeah -- and they're attached to my torso!!! :tongueout::rofl::wow::whistling:

  14. Not cheap but the Malkoff light modules are as good as you will find.

  15. 4D maglight for me, spent an hour and a half last weeekend standing waiting for a tow truck and the light was as bright when I got home as it was when I first got out of the Jeep and used it to check the fuse box. Kept it on the whole time to help keep people from hitting the truck, I was in hilly country.

    I have a Streamlight TwinTask that uses 123s but I have never used it long enough to decide how long the run time would be if I just turned it on and kept it on. I don't think the Zenon run time would be very long, but the LED run time might be ok.
  16. Inova T4

    edit: Don't waste money on a D cell maglite, every one I have had, has been a piece of junk. I always have to bang mine on things to get it to light up. The batteries always seem to be flat.
  17. Wow, bet you never do well in the lottery either. I have D cell maglights in both cars, at the front and back door and in my tool box and gave one to my daughter with the car we gave her. I had one set of batteries corrode in one and threw it away. Other than that, nothing but good luck with mine.
  18. Yes, but that little surefire also costs 4-5x as much. And a 4D Maglite doubles as a club.
  19. Yup. I love mine. :supergrin:
  20. Maglight because it doubles as a weapon.
  21. Another vote for Maglite. I take my 3D cell on my early morning walks. I sure wouldn't want to get thumped by one....

  22. I had a 6D mag light it was like carring a base ball bat just to big for me.
    I use 2D LED upgrade in cars, truck, and jeep They are just a handy size.
    I have a couple I have had from the early 1980's and use them today. I have a 4D at home. They only problem I have had was the battery leaked not the mags falt. I have a cheep 9 LED bulb from Wal Mart the cost $5.88 and it has been a great little light if I needed to carry it on me that would be a better choice. I see these $100-200 flash lights just say damm. I mag light cost a little over $20 and has lasted me over 25 years and a very good backup weapon to boot. Saying a Mag light (LED) is out of date is like saying a revolver is out of date. I have all my revolers as well.

  23. These are a terrible choice for a car flashlight. They use 3-AAA batteries and have a high parasitic drain (they are constantly draining your batteries even when off). Worst yet they have a low battery indicator (LED in switch glows red). This means that if the battery voltage drops (due to cold weather) then the flashlight is going to totally drain your batteries in a couple of days.

    I have 4 of these lights and they OK as long as you don't keep the batteries installed in them. Even in the house where it never gets cold the batteries only last 6 months tops. I had a fresh set of batteries go dead in less than a week last winter (tried it for car use).

    If you can find lithium AAA batteries then that should take care of the low voltage problem, but you are still not going to get anything like the normal shelf life due to the parasitic drain issue. There are much better choices than these for car use.

    Read the comments about these on the Amazon site. Lots of complaints about short battery life.

  24. Fenix PD30. Very robust, uses the CR123s, has various luminance modes from 10 to 235, also has a strobe function. Great flashlight.
  25. For a car light I think a head-worn light makes the most sense. If you are working on a broke down car in the dark, you will love having a light strapped to your head.

    I have one of these Rayovac 3 in 1 LED headlamps in my trunk emergency kit. Its not tactical, but it works and has useful light settings including a low RED setting for preserving night vision.


    I also pocket carry a RA Twisty 85-Tr as well. It is "tactical" enough for me. Definitely not cheap, but it is incredibly high quality and is very well designed.



  26. I've got an Olight M30 - it's awesome...
  27. I agree with the headlight LED lamp, will make things easier when you gotta do car repairs in the dark. I have the entire collection of Maglites, from 2D to 6D, and I like all of them. The 6D does make a formidable weapon, and if you upgrade it with the Malkoff light module, it's light output is impressive. I live out on 40 acres, and I can easily light up cows' and coyotes' eyes past 200 yards when it's focused. Maglite does sell an improved, brighter xenon-filled incandescent bulb to replace the stock krypton bulb (for all D lights), but it doesn't extend battery life.

    You can even add Malkoff's crenellated bezel and pointed tailcap to give it more striking capabilities. The problem with Maglites is that they don't make LED lamps for their 5 and 6 D flashlights yet, but at least they make LED versions of the smaller lights. A good compromise is the 4D LED Maglite, good light output and battery life. Maglite sells mounting clamps for their D flashlights, as well as belt holster loops.
  28. I never thought I would use it when I opened the box, but doing some plumbing overhead the other day I used the little clip that came with my Photon Freedom micro light to clip it to my ballcap for a hands free light.

    I can say this about Mag Lights, don't waste your money on a cheap TSC or Wally World LED conversion, better to buy high end or a different light. I converted one with an offbrand unit that cost as much as a flashlight and the tailcap is so sensitive that I have to keep the light twisted off to keep it from turning on just bumping around.
  29. I just bought a Fenix TK45. its being shipped next week. Should be bright enough.

  30. My thoughts exactly. But I keep a 4D Maglite in my car.

    Sure there are much smaller lights with the same or even brighter output of the Maglite, but those don't have the swingability of the Maglite in emergency situations.
  31. Maglite XL100. It has an accelerometer in it for infinite adjustment of power output, strobe frequency, and has SOS along with a signaling mode and night light. I love mine, but I'm not a flashlight snob either.
  32. Something LED, AA, and loaded with lithium batteries. LED for battery life, AA for being the most common batteries on the planet, and lithium for long battery life both in use and storage.

    I'd go with a headlamp before a flashlight. Just discovered the wonders of them recently, and the use of a headlamp vs. a hand held flashlight is even more of an eye opener than the use of a REAL gun belt vs. a department store belt. You will not believe how practical they are, and your hand held light will quickly become your secondary light.
  33. That thing you have to shake to charge! It is supposed to be great for the car because you don't have to worry about dead batteries!

  34. After reading thru the posts I think I might get me a 2d Maglite LED for my truck.

    Where are you guys buying yours from?
  35. I like SureFire with the LED vs bulb(with the filament that burns out) and the 123A lithium batteries for home or car. 120 Lumens can project a spot on the moon.:supergrin:
  36. fenix LD20 is a great choice.