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Recommend G35 OWB holster

  1. Im looking for a holster for my G35 that will be hosting a TLR1 flashlight. I don't want to spend an arm and a leg on it. I will be using it for range use and want it to have more than just retention holding it in. I am looking for it to be made of kydex or plastic and would like it to be a paddle holster.

    What yall recommend
  2. I'm new to Glock and this forum and just got on. Curious if you ever solved your holster question here? My first Glock is going to be a G40 set up like yours but with an RMR eventually.
  3. nope, still waiting on replies.
  4. Gundo Kydex
  5. Safariland ALS


    I run my HD G21 w/ Surefire X300 like this on a gun belt w/ a spare ammo carrier and mags ready to go.

    I am not a fan of "friction only" retention kydex holsters either. The ALS lever is natural to use, and to me at least much more faster than the older SLS system (the rotating hood) you see on a lot of Safariland holsters. I originally had this setup w/ an SLS and swapped it out for an ALS when it became available.

    The thing I LOVE about it vs the SLS also, is when you put the gun back in it, it automatically "locks" (hence "ALS" :)) where as the hood on the older SLS only would NOT. You had to manually rotate it back to regain retention with it, not so with an ALS. :)

    (PS - Yes, before someone corrects me, SL DOES also make an SLS w/ the ALS also built into it, but for what I needed and what sounds like you are looking for the two together would just seem like overkill. The SLS w/ ALS seems like more of a "duty" thing for LEO w/ that kind of need).

  6. ordered it. I have a very similar safariland with the qd attachments and didn't they were out there for under 150 bucks
  7. I think my ALS for my G21 w/ light was around $120 or so, much more than my other ALSs (four of them ?)I've got for my other Glocks, they were around $45 or less each?

    I REALLY like the new 7S ALS also, the old ALS was nice, but the new 7S just seems "sleeker" even though it's not really any thinner, just looks it.

    You'll love it, for a kydex holster w/ some kind of locking device in the BH "Derpa" theory, the SL ALS CAN'T be beat!!!! :) :) :)